Tuesday , November 30 2021

Brazil 1 Cameroon 0: Richarlison follows Neymar's boots


Neymar was won in Brazil's win against Cameroon, but Richarlison took his chance to impress in the position of captain.

Richarlison made an impressive start to his Brazil career with the only goal after replacing the injured Neymar in a 1-0 win over Cameroon in Milton Keynes.

The men from Everton came out of the bank just eight minutes in the afternoon as Neymar went on with an apparent problem, but the reputation of the captain was mercilessly hurt.

Andre Onana's best efforts to make Brazil's # 39; to keep a puncture on the & nbsp; & nbsp; & raquo; half pastures as Richarlison thunder in a sharp header, his third goal for the senior site.

The other chances came and went, but the journeys of Samba die another functional victory for 2018.

Paris Saint-Germain hopes Neymar news is not serious in a night that strike partner Kylian Mbappe also injured while he played for France.

Allan worked on Onana frate after a dangerous replacement in the area, but Brazil was immediately demarcated by Neilmar and its consequence.

Minds were often still elsewhere, as Arthur's palm presented Pierre customer with a clear opening that he migrated wide, but T's men were soon back on attack and Onana glasses by Roberto Firmino from & # 39;

Although Onana retired to the best before the break to a Firmino header, the goalkeeper was quickly succeeded as Richarlison wound up to Willian's corner.

A clear start to the second half saw Stephane Bahoken at the end, while substituted winner Fabrice Ondoa and Gabriel Gabriel presented an open goal, as he came from his line, Manchester City fell apart from a whole store.

Arthur also worked on the woodwork with a strider against a canal, while Ondoa relates to his earlier mistake with a remarkable double stop of Jesus and Richarlison to restrict Brazil, those who were comfortable in # 39; the closures, just the destination.

What does that mean? More functional than flying

It is the story of the year of Brazil. They have played 15 matches, won 13 and scored three goals, but they were in the last eight of # a World Cup. Tithing page however strongly looked into this focus, but it was not small to meet the composite neutrals.

Richarlison takes his chance

The main beneficiary of Neymar's grant was Richarlison and he took his chance. A police break breaks the deadblock, and Neymar is a shoe in the # 34; Three of Brazil, Richarlison makes a decent task for consideration in a central striking role, which has shown a good round in addition to his goal. Willianus also shined with four opportunities.

Story of two prizes

Firmino has fought in this series for formulating the season of the World Championship. Granting of the bad appearance of Jesus in this role of this game, Firmino must have a chance to make his mark. He disappointed, despite four attempts at the target, causing great potential for his teammates before Brazil improved with Jesus on the journey.

What comes next?

With the international calendar now on March, focus will be on the Neymar fitness of PSG's perspective. Mbappe also got a shotgun in the game against Uruguay and Thomas Tuchel will potentially play a crucial scene of # the campaign without two keys.

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