Saturday , October 1 2022

Arsenal News: Bernd Leno Creates Petr Cech Revelation After Wolves Draw | Football | sports


His goal now was to win the club's 16-game unbeaten streak.

Estimated that Petr Cech's time as the first selection marker for Emirates in the 19.3m lb. contract with Bayer Leverkusen at the World Cup in Germany.

However, coach Unai Emery was in the first league with a 36-year-old, and at the end of September, he was injured and Leno finally showed up in the Premier League.

Nonetheless, Arsenal has not watched Arsenal in the wolves yesterday, so his continued presence in the Premier League game is a sure sign that he was stolen from Emery's thinking.

"I think I'm playing in the Premier League this is the most important competition for teams, clubs and me," Leno said.

"Emery does not say anything, but she's always ready for the game because she's going to play in the Premier League now.

"I want to show the manager that this is a happy decision and I am proud and this is the right decision."

If Arsenal is going to be a real title challenger, it will certainly be Sunday, but getting a fierce score at home is not enough.

"Now we have been undefeated in 16 games and it was not my best feeling to go to the squad with a losing game," he said.

"But I think we should win the race next week because we lost two points and after the end of the season we have to be in fourth place, especially at home.

"We played very well in the second half, but I think the result is not the best because we wanted to win at home.

"We had a chance to get close to the top four, and we missed it, and I think it's disappointing."

However, Arsenal's season was not good. Only Ana and Cardiff are in the first half of the season.

On Sunday, it was despite a scam-boost FaceTime chat with Danny Welbeck before the kickoff when he began his recovery from surgery on his broken ankle, which he suffered on Friday.

"We talked to him before the game before the meeting." "We had a FaceTime session with him.

"We wanted to win him, we all regret him for injuries and hope he can see him with good resilience because he is an important player in the team and locker room.

"He looked very happy and is still a big part of our team, so I think it's happy to talk to us, and we will help you have a good time when you are injured.

"He is a great manager because he always wants to be a team other than the one player and the other player.

"This meeting was a great motive for all of us and everybody liked him so every player played for Danny."

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