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Anthem & # 39; s first pre-Cataclysm submissions are live

After the expansion of Anthem's first major in-game event back in May, Bioware eventually begins series of "Cataclysm" events for events. The horrific motions are called "The Storming Storm" and surrounds around crystals.

Bioware has not yet been reported, but it is assumed that these challenges are part of & # 39; the two weeks & # 39; pre-cataclysm period before the event begins full force. When the storm really comes, there will be a new area, new legendary weapons, and more.

Source: Anthem Subreddit

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New anti-hand in general is exciting, but the challenges themselves do not look very exciting. You will either collect crystals in an open world, completing Christian theme events, or getting crystallized enemies. This effect of the imgur that is brought together by the subtleties of the respondents shows the details of each challenge.

The fans stay on hope Bioware will deliver the full Cataclysm event, but many have already given up on Anthem.

The last month, Steven spoke about how & # 39; t deserves the Anthem of current state. "In four months, BioWare has limited only some of the most aborted drawings, but we still have a shooter that's tired and amazing," he said. "As BioWare really wants to try Anthem, it has to record on its half-engaging postcard, start scratching, and offer what it can be saved. "

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