Friday , April 23 2021

Android Q can make it easier for operators to embed your smartphone

Android Q can make it easier for operators to embed your smartphone

Android Q gives operators more control over SIM closing

ANDROID Q looks to introduce some positive changes, including a system-wide dark mode and better privacy controls. It is, however, unforgettable – not all good news, as the OS also gives operators more control over SIM-close smartphones.

According to Android's raw source code, via 9to5Google, There are four new licenses with Carrier restriction enhancements for Android Q & # 39; which make it easier for carrier to close your network.

For example, one of our obligations includes operators with a list of & # 39; allowed & # 39; and & # 39; excluded carriers; Essentially, a list of persistent and blacklisted networks will not work or will work on a particular television. This will take care to enable operators to block MVNO networks, even if both carriers use the same towers.

Restrictions are also on the way for dual SIM devices. Android Q lets operators turn off the second SIM tray of a dual-SIM phone, keeping them in control of devices. For example, a bearer might have a rule that should be active in the second slot of a SIM tray, the first slot must be full with an active SIM of that carrier.

News of this functional dystopia type comes after XDA Developers The past week received a working developer preview of the upcoming gene OS.

The early fondles confirm that Android Q & A's earlier-round system-level dances mode; Enabling it will only develop the settings, Launcher, Launcher settings, and device of Files only a dark green, while the panel bar, fly tuning panel, and notifications all make a black random goth.

A DeX-a-like desktop mode also comes to Android. The description of the function read "experimental desktop mode on secondary displays" suggests that Google is experimenting with Samsung-esque functionality that allows its users to use an easy-to-use PC.

It seems that Google will grow up in privacy with Android Q too; XDA discovered a "big" access permissions in its configuration application, which gives users much more control over which information accesses can be accessed. You can limit what apps can access at certain locations and microphone accesses, for example, much like Apple offers in iOS.

Ultimately, this strange Q-example contains a "ton" of new developers, including a "force desktop mode", support for enabling free forms, and new "Game Update Package Preferences", which try & # 39; t devs to enter select graphical sender; However, it is not unclear what additional functionality it offers. μ

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