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Yen Phuong woman 2 Lam Truong put straw to divorce

Monday, 10/12/2018 10:00 (GMT + 7)

After many days of rumors of marriage broke, his wife Lam Truong has the first reaction.

17-year-old woman officially ordered dishes after divorce with Lam Truong - 1

The marriage of Lam Truong with his wife 9x is said to be in trouble

Last days is the second marriage of 'Brother Hai' Lam Truong with 17-year-old young woman – Yen Phuong obviously tends to tune.

There are many people trusting the couple to be separated or separated, when Yen Phuong announces endless updates on the breakdown in marriage while proclaiming their daughter to Vietnam.

17-year-old female 17-year-old officially appointed rumors of divorce with Lam Truong - 2

Photo uploaded by Yen Phuong to shut down indirect discretion of divorce

After many days of expulsion, on December 9, Yen Phuong officially called the rumor by publishing a photo of ' The "Hai" Lam Truong has included the comment form. Happy 5 anniversary.

It is known that this photo is in the path of marriage picture four years ago on Hai Van pass.

While not yet fully declared, the photo and the apprehended status of Yen Phuong, has made some personal help from fans responding to the recent ritters of the couple.

The 17-year-old women are officially voted for divorce holidays with Lam Truong - 3

Lam Truong also ordered that the relationship of the couple is still normal

For that, Lam Truong also confirmed that his marriage is still normal, there is no breakdown.

Explaining the fact that young 17-year-old Yen Phuong has regularly recorded stormy status lines on his personal site, says Lam Truong is to regularly read the sad story online.

When her daughter and she returned to Vietnam, it was because she had a couple of days to care for her parents because her parents were old and weak.

17-year-old woman officially ordered dishes after divorce with Lam Truong - 4

Lam Truong and his 17-year-old wife have known each other for four years before they marry

Lam School married his novel 9x Yen Phuong in November 2014 to his old wife An. In April, the couple understood their first daughter in the United States.

Lam told the rumors about farewell to his 17-year-old wife

Lam Truong first talked about rumors that he broke his young Yen wife. Yen Phuong currently lives in Vietnam.

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