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"Which flesh" Soc Son forest: Strong hand with small houses, hands with "specialization"?

Forced 68 works

Talk to reporters Human beings, A leader of Soc Son District said that, after the direction of & # 39; city, & # 39; A shortest time, the ward had to make 68 works for forestland. "These are bad projects that take place in 2017-2018. The 68 works according to the direction of the city are very hard," Soc Son said.

68 works forced to promote this phase, particularly in Minh Phu and Minh Tri municipalities. First, for the order of the People's Committee of Hanoi, Soc Son District People also ordered 18 families in the village of Lam Truong and Minh Phu communicate the area of ​​suffering. However, the demands of the neighborhood are not strictly enforced by the people. Many households only make perfect service – just cancel and search for the neighborhoods of buildings.

One project in the village of Lam Truong was asked to dissolve

Understanding some reasons not to comply with & # 39; the demands of Soc Son district, said woman Nguyen Thi Tam that her family country was a plot of her family as a fruit garden of JIFPRO project was transferred to develop the model. family. According to her, this country is also meant to build houses that do not build more than 200 m2.

A Mrs. Vu Thi Hue – one of the households in Lam Truong has been asked a farm to finish the removal area, saying that in household and repaired homes, the households all apply and are communicated by the Minh Phu People's Committee, Board. Schutzbos – special use is agreed. The incident was reported by the households here in Hanoi and was recorded in the minutes when the households were working with the delegation.

"The house has been refurbished and repaired in a fourth-floor house, roofing with central tiles, ensuring rain, sun and violent storms ensure the safety of home life", a household with home-owned JIFPRO project said.

When does it ever come to "scratch"?

Households in Minh Phu and Minh Tri municipalities have said that many "horrible" projects lie in 9 municipalities in the Soc Son district weakening forest land that the state inspection said of April 2006 indicated that the government was not sanctioned. Cleverly treat those "only" to small projects and necessary degradation.

Specifically, according to the conclusion of the Inspection of the Empire, Viet Phu Thanh has used Chuong (Hien Ninh Congregation) an area of ​​approximately 3,000 – 8,000 m2 of land. The origin of the plant land is the special use of forests, in the past, the co-operative it has created with Luu Van Sy to limit the forestry book. In 2001, Mr. Luu Van Sy sold to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Chuong under a joint investigation (with a communication from the People's Committee).

The State Inspectorate has closed down Viet Chuong Thanh Chuong since 2006 but Soc Son Ward has not yet

The conclusion of the government's inspection in 2006 suggested that following the purchase of Mr. She, Mr. Chung a solid build on the land. Especially in the building procedure only once the communication bureau 10 million dong (penalty for survival). After that Chuong continued to build.

Hoewol Viet Chuong Thanh Chuong over the years has not been well treated, the conclusion of the Hanoi Inspection says that does not work. Talk to reporters Human beings, City Inspector states that the conclusion of the Empire Inspection is that Viet Chuong countryside originated from the dedicated area of ​​special use (according to current plans, the environmental protection forest) and petition are acting for this case.

Until now, People's Committee Soc Son District has no record of injury to deal with cases of Viet Chuong Thanh Chuong. Therefore, the City Inspectorate proposed the City Committee of a City Commission to direct and account for Soc Son's responsibilities and form of strict action according to the collective and individual arrangements for the 2006-2018 period. not just performed from Government's Inspection conclusions, and at the same time running & # 39; a president of a ministerial president on organizing the execution of inspection conclusions from & # 39; a government inspection.

Another major project in Soc Son district was clearly identified by Hanoi Department of Construction as a Hoang Le Gia Garden Complex that was transferred from 4 Minh Tam outbuildings, built 4 published articles. Processing with a total building of 717 m2.

According to the Hanoi Department of Construction, according to the report of the Soc Son District People's Committee, the land of Hoang Le Gia is garden plants as fresh garden. However, the investor of building houses and gardens on the land is a misuse of land.

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