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Where will the competition go?

Sunday, 9/12/2014 11:59 PM (GMT + 7)

The competition is not over, but the beneficiaries are still present-day drivers and clients.

Users are talking about insufficient experience

People in Ho Chi Minh City regularly travel through the Nguyen Hue Street (District 1) can not be monitored on the image of GoFood and GrabFood directors for the Sharetea dairy farm. This is one of the "spots" in & # 39; The city or the food supply coordinates with the restaurant to launch promotions for the best dealers for free (free milk teapots, free licenses, 50% discount, …).

GoFood and GrabFood

GoFood seeks many "tiles" of users. (Artwork)

While the GoFood and GrabFood drivers are very happy to set up, friendly conversation together, but behind it is the independent battle between GoViet and Grab Group. If the war understands, users of applications, including the driver and the order, benefit from beneficial policy. It comes with a series of customer-oriented reflections on quality of service.

Trying to search on Facebook with the keyword "GoFood not set" and "GrabFood not set", PV found that users do not experience good at both services. If GrabFood issues some problems with behavior or complains about the application interface, GoFood may be more problematic. Similarly to GrabFood, many people consider the GoFood rug to launch services to share the "millions of duplicate pieces," should not imagine many problems in meaning, which leads to no less negative reflections of people.

"Every afternoon, always try 3 times to order the GoFood, then 2 times the sender canceling is canceled, the delivery is not consistent. GoFood app is just about to make the scene, huh? Has anyone a kind situation? ", Kim Anh's original flush on Facebook for the GoFood service.

GoFood and GrabFood

Grabfoards and GoFood tastes are overflowed with food and drink.

"Barbarism is scared, normally, I put the cell in another app, now HearFood heard of the application of new emperors to look at. Unfulfilled, so long waiting to finally get the answer horizontally, because it is not known I need not understand what GoViet developed the app, "wrote Nguyen Quynh Tram in Ho Chi Minh City to slip the status of a bad one. The situation is intended for GoFood drivers who do not know in advance that transporting or offering food can not be selected by selecting the application so that the higher situation is caused.

Not only have a lot of experience with GoFood service, but users also complain about the quality of the food. "I gave GoFood to deliver a glass of Okinawa pearl milk to Sharetea, and the supply was not free. What's on? No call on the switchboard, not clear the next time, the I can not buy it anymore, I have proof of this smoke, I want to drink! ", My Ngoc reflected on the Sharetea fanpage.

Fortunately, the above users, Khoa shared on Facebook: "Oh, love it, uncle tei milk tea with the length of 20K, but also free ship with fast delivery more … And wait GoFood GoViet now."

GrabFood has shared in the afternoon: "GrabFood is a very selective choice, and it's a real deal, but the last one was a period of time.

"Looks like GrabFood promotions are calling for a try, fast delivery and careful packaging, the driver is also aware, but milk tee is poorly compared to advertising, so this is the restaurant itself is bad, tomorrow this restaurant will stop," Holland shares shares.

What does GoFood and GrabFood mean?

As far as the experience is not expected by users, according to PV's study, both Grab and GoViet are around the shopping system and menu for expanding GrabFood or GoFood. However, the system control of each service affects stronger user experience.

"The delivery time along with the quality of foods, are two of the most important factors in the field of supply of food," said Grab. . The average supply of GrabFood is as follows 25 minutes per order. Especially in central central buildings in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, we can make in just 20 minutes orders.

According to Grab, the company now has a large team of leaders of grab drivers to more than 175,000 people, of which two-wheel drive approach for the majority. The power of Grab is in the technology platform, especially datalytic, which means they better understand the culinary preferences of any Vietnamese client to provide a quick and intuitive experience. .

For who has no good experience, please contact Grab (028) 7108 7018 (24/7). "GrabFood's business team is always trying to manage and manage the shopping system, restaurant on the application. In some cases, the discontinued can not be used because the number of users has the temporary limit," said Grab.

PV also requests contact with GoViet's media representatives about the poor customer experience for the GoFood service, but no response.

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