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"What the cause, the penalty for 231 is not acceptable."


About the children of H.L.N, student in grade 6.2, Duy Ninh Communal primary school, Quang Ninh district, Quang Binh province were hospitalized for 231 penalties, 24 nov, exchanging PV Justice, Deputy Minister Nghia said: "We have designated the Quang Binh Department of Education and Training, and this unit is strictly in line with the event."

According to Deputy Minister Nghia, MoET asked the Quang Binh Department of Education and Training to investigate as soon as possible and deal with the Ministry of Education and Training.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Nghia said that what the cause is, the teacher's study with the above punishment is wrong and completely unacceptable. Therefore, the school needs to be considered and strictly treated.

According to information from Quang Binh Department of Education and Training, this afternoon the board will have a meeting to review the event and report the report.

In the past, MoET has received the director number 1737 / CT-BGDDT on improving managing and improving the morals of & nbsp; the teachers. To set up the status of moral injuries, MoET repeats the point of & nbsp; the image, the teacher will be # re-division of the company decides that the teachers seriously remove the ethics of teachers.

Em N. looking after the event. Photo: Dang Tai.

Em N. looking after the event. Photo: Dang Tai.

The thing is Justice At midnight from 19/11, when the Hoang LN students were recognized, students in grade 6.2, Duy Ninh Middle School, the teacher of this class is Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy (SN 1977), felt in love Almost every student in grade level knocked N up & # 39; the mother. The incident has caused this student to hospital.

According to N., class 6.2 has 26 students, in the afternoon 3 students were free to bring books, so this student was 23 friends and their master succeeded all 231.

N. is released from home, the doctor can also recommend, N. Children are not serious illness, but psychological consequences, so the family must take measures to stimulate it.

Pham Thi Le Anh, director of Duy Ninh Secondary School also said that Mr Thuy is a teacher of mathematics and technology education of the school.

This teacher was under "Hai Ninh Secondary School" and moved just a few months after this school. The school has asked Thuy to write the report, and will come together in the form of & # 39; the review.

Quang Ninh District Education and Training promptly promptly directed the administration of Duy Ninh Secondary School temporary shelter for teacher Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy, teacher of this school. The deadline for termination will not be longer than 15 days to explain the matter or treat the loan.

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