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"We make ourselves hard" – VnEconomy


Nguyen Van The Transport said, "Obviously big works, small works, we know that the current process is too long, which makes it difficult."

On the morning of November 12, at a group discussion on the draft (amendment) of the Public Investment Act, the minister explained the "difficult" path to public investment projects, including small and medium-sized projects.

For projects that need to be submitted to Parliament for approval, the Secretary will surely be slow.

Because, in order to submit to the National Assembly, each ministry must prepare the contents and report it to the government. The consent of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Planning and Investment must be obtained before submitting the report to the government. The Government agrees to submit to the Standing Committee of the National Assembly which agrees to be included in this chapter. Submit proposals to the National Assembly. The National Assembly discusses a meeting in the National Assembly to approve the project list. Next, ask the government to thoroughly ask the ministry.

For example, in 2015, the Long Thanh airport council unified the construction policy, submitted a project on investment policy to the Ministry of Transport, and submitted the Ministry of Evaluation unified. The government ministries, the Senate Committee on the National Assembly, and the National Assembly, which was presented to the National Assembly, recently approved the project.

"After approving a project that took six months to a year, it took us a year to start approving the project, designing the project, choosing the contract, and approving it. There are too many steps now, and the project is very slow." Stressed.

Analysis suggests that if the procedures are not improved under the amended Public Investment Act, the implementation of the project will be slowed down and the responsibilities of some ministries can be clarified, he said. Agency only.

But a large project is not only that difficult, but also a small project is as annoying as the head of the transportation industry.

For example, a small project in a province should go through preparation of investment policy for local approval, submit it to ministries and agencies, and report it to the National Assembly. The National Assembly decided to report the new state again and submitted it to the Planning and Budget Department for consideration and evaluation.

According to this law, the teacher emphasized that public investment projects would be two to three times slower than private projects if the procedures were not changed. And no matter how many projects are in each field, local projects that move slowly around the area are responsible, transport is a slow project, and ministry is responsible for everything.

"In Congress, the government has always demanded rapid and timely progress and quality to meet development needs, but it is not fast without proper procedures, and we are avoiding something, doing a lot of projects and doing a lot of work. We ignore some of the steps that we think are possible only on the stage, "he said." The procedure does not affect the quality of the work and violates the rules if only the date of the inspection, audit, inspection and incorrect date are reported in the report. "

With such a loophole, it would take a lot of time, and more importantly, stressing the loss of money by price, the slip of price, he mentioned that the first law would shorten the process. manpower

For large projects, you must specify the size that will be submitted to Congress. Small projects need to be managed by the National Assembly, but they have to be assigned to the government and then reported back to the National Assembly Standing Committee. And each session of the National Assembly is responsible to the National Assembly for the scope of the budget allocated to each sector. The minister said the figures released by the government are in the hands of the minister.

According to the minister, the revised law is responsible for enforcing the government and each ministry, since it is not a specific project, but rather redesigned for overall management according to the direction of the National Assembly, according to its goals. Also, when the project is approved by the National Assembly Standing Committee or the National Assembly, appraisal delegates responsibilities to the agency performing the project directly. .

Another concern of the minister is to continue the process, whatever it should submit to the Planning and Investment Department.

If the Department of Transportation is wrong, assuming responsibility for everything, it will be more active, and many people will do better than people. They rushed to the planning and investment department. Because they just have a lot of people. "

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