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View of the famous Wuyi Wanderer "called"

Tuesday January 22, 2019 4:00 pm (GMT + 7)

About the punishment, temporary arrest of & # 39; the famous & # 39; rose Vu Gypsy, so far the Ministry of Public Security has many details about the maintenance group of specialized specialist, high taxation, security … led by Lam Thanh Vu (ie Vu "katoenrose", 27 years old, live in District 2, HCMC).

Public security minister for Vu "rose" with 11 June Pham Manh Huy ("Ken", 27 years old, district 2 live), Luong Bui Thanh Vu (33 years), Do Si Dat (33 Nguyen Van Hoang (30 year), Ngo Vinh Quang (28 years), Le Anh Loi (24 years old), living in District 9, Le Thanh Quoi (31 years old, living in Binh Duong), Tang Quoc Thinh (age 46)), Truong Van Thuan (44), Huynh Thanh Hai (27 years), Nguyen Chau Thinh (37 years old), lives in District 9, on playing and game organizing taxes.

Serving Owner Vu's Restless Wanderer

Dancing "rose" with juniors at the police office. Photo: C.T

Unlike the wanderers before being prevented, Vu pointed out "rose" but a special explanation of & # 39; a junior & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Big rooetuod for breasts and other tattoos in & # 39; weapons, just press the & # 39; a famous tycoon.

Reported "rose", he stood out to run the game a couple of years ago. Vu opens the headquarters in District 9 and Thu Duc District and lets the juniors live here. Help Vu has Huy "Know", a rather hardworking person other than the notary Gypsy tycoon. She "Know" is the right hand of operation, collecting money, checking debtors … His "rose" where to go, there are almost 10 junior tattoos escort. When the police arrested, Vu "Rose" was also arrested by about 10 June at the airport.

Vu's "pink" activity 3 in 1: organizing games, money marketers, black society (debt collection). For credit unions Vu, "rose" divided into many levels for junior managers.

Serving Owner Vu's Restless Wanderer

Include material police. Photo: C.T

VU explained, if the players knew how to play, Vuen would let the juniors investigate the family weapon. If you feel that gamers have economic capabilities, they can play online. When it loses, Vu "rose" and Huy "Know" for the kids to escort to the family to collect money. For the debtors to escape, the boys can find the finds and even use them as found. Vu pays salary, enough commission for the juniors and juniors always under the boss.

Most games participate in law programs such as, … These accounts convert money into points to lose on websites. Through research, Vu Vu Ho Vu Hang Gam's game has "praised" a number of several hundred billion transaction groups.

Earlier, after a long period of research, the Police Bureau's investigation of Room 4 and C02 discovered the success of Vu & # 39's victims; rose & # 39; it's operating in Thu Duc District, District 9 … game organizing locations. , credit hardening, debt collection, etc., need sticks and reinforcements.

At the noon of 8.1, Vu "called" with a group of hardworking juniors to go to Phu Quoc, Kien Giang province to collect money and meet juniors to play. Then the group flew to the Tan Son Nhat airport, Ho Chi Minh City. Upon arriving at the airport, Vu and the police are watching the police. Don't arrest, "Don't" think he and his juniors are arresting here.

Serving Owner Vu's Restless Wanderer

Police traveled the famous Rose & # 39; Dance Group. Photo: C.T

On the same day, many reconnaissance teams have set up in 14 different locations in Ho Chi Minh City, many of the "Bong Hong" juniors. The search and police process covered many computers, phones, document games and organizing games from top groups, along with 3 cars and nearly 800 million copies …

Not talking about the famous Vu Wuyi corridor

Responsible for those who have known voices are Vu "Bong Hong" when they were arrested rather ugly and could not work with the police …

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