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ViettelStudy "bad" for teacher Bao Thang


Just sit at the pupils of the school number 2 Bao Thang can also do the quiz on the smartphone. All of these services are based on the ViettelStudy Online Education Channel, operated by the Viettel Industry and Telecommunications Group (Viettel).

The technology "resignation" for teachers

Getting Started in the # 2 Bao Thang (Lao Cai), it is easy to see that the entire school is sold with Wi-Fi. Classes are set up with screens, computer room system with modern computer distance.

Hoang Van Viet, director of the school shared with pride that this one of three schools is in & # 39; the area leading to the application of information technology to management, teaching and learning.

Teacher Hoang Van Viet, High School Principal No 2 Bao Thang

Formerly studying in Germany, Vietnamese teachers clearly understand the importance of information technology in the lecture. "As a pupil I was up and not afraid, I ask why I can not do that?", Fifty-six learned teacher.

By doing, homecoming, he brought something in abroad to learn in & # 39; the whole school number 2 Van Ban.

When transferring work to high school number 2 Bao Thang is also Viettel choosing a pilot school online training ViettelStudy. With a solid background in information technology, in 2007, cycling school teachers were severely registered.

"With this program, teachers in progress will learn more in learning. Instead of graduation, teachers are now active on the front of the product," said Viet.

Vietnamese teachers themselves also feel the benefits that ViettelStudy bring. Learning Concept: "Education must follow the trend of innovation. If you do not innovate, please click on the client's student.

Therefore, teachers encourage teachers to look for knowledge. By applying the ViettelStudy, teachers can make their own lectures, create questionnaires and virtual classes. Students will choose the cows that are promoting their needs. This, he said, will also make competition for teachers themselves.

By applying the ViettelStudy, students choose the cows that are promoting their needs.

"Teachers can choose their teachers, as teachers will not be able to create behind," said Viet.

At present, 40,000 accounts have been used by ViettelStudy in Lao Cai. With this learning social network, instead of opening an extra class, teachers can teach learners on the site and students use the account to log in and choose an online class. This is a function Vietnamese teachers wish to adjust in the second semester the school begins.

By Bao Thang's entire school number 2, alongside the ViettelStudy online training channel, Viettel also provides expert software for online surveys. Always check the students in the form of paper. Now, teachers can create a list of questions on the system and students can take the exam online. Full marking has been completed on software. This is not the score too much. Excellent administrative procedures are also minimal.

"Thanks to ViettelStudy, teachers are very helpful in judging the practice of homework or practice the 15 minute test, 1 lessons, semester exams, and the teachers do not need to mark the precedent because all was marked by machine" – Tran Uy Dong teacher (teacher of high school number 2 Bao Thang) shared.

Viettel Study helps students not only read the lecture

A special feature of this school is that 90% of students use smartphones for study. This is one of the benefits that can take 763 students from Bao Thang School in online classes. Viettel Studie helps students everywhere, at school-based computers or smartphones at home.

Viettel Studie helps students everywhere, at school-based computers or smartphones at home.

Through this form of innovation, students will not press as traditional, but feel that they participate in a game and appreciated by the game.

"There are nine-year-old students who have never seen a computer, but since the whole school, they are more exposed to information technology, due to the fact that the number of students does not go to school," said Viet.

Speaking about the advantages of ViettelStudy, Ho Thi Thu Ha, director of Viettel Lao Cai, said social networking is an instrument for pupils to improve their awareness through access to information technology. Students are also learning actively, not only depending on the teacher's lecture.

"Elses themselves through this software can also check the child's lifestyle situation to see how far they are, where they are, points, etc. All this is, parents can be fully feel and start with their children, "she said.

Secondary students of Bao Thang High School used smartphones to study

In addition to these instruments, if the school wants to get the exam, ask questions in the bank. As a result, any student who gets tested in a test will have another test. This is a great way to relocate seniors in the national school year.

In addition, Viettel Lao Cai's director said that learning software prototype and social networking ViettelStudy still tested. After the successful completion of the second high school, this model will showcase the schools in & # 39; t rebuild the area. It is expected that after eight months the implementation will be implemented at schools in the province.

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