Thursday , June 17 2021

"Vietnam team can leave the Jordan"

(The match between Vietnam and Jordan will take place at 18:00, on January 20, at Al Maktoum in Dubai – UAE, Dan Tri reports this match online).

How to Make the Jordan Team Earn, Are They Too Strong?

Compared to all teams in the eighth round, Jordan is the most ideal team to join the Vietnamese team. However, it's traditional, and now, by what they see in their group star, show they've made a lot of progress.

The main game of this team is just to compare with the Vietnamese team, which is based on a strong defense base. In the group type, they did not indicate a goal, and proved that the defense is strong. The way they apply to & # 39; the goal of & # 39; Getting an opponent is to remove the ball and the fixed situations.

Old coach Doan Minh Xuong (left)

Before such opponents can the Vietnamese team win?

The next match is a great match for both teams. I have adapted to the possibility that the edges are steep steps. The Jordan will try to increase the & # 39; a Vietnamese team "kill", they are better than us in this respect, and benefit more than 2 days. The Vietnamese team will only attack at a certain time, try to reach the goal in those times, then return to the defense stones in & # 39; control.

The advantage of the Vietnamese team is comfortable following the & # 39; command; a group step. In the case where we first choose, we will be even more dangerous, because the psychology of our players is exciting and they play with the capacity that the opponent cannot expect . I think this match can be a drawing in the official match time and the Vietnamese team wins in extra time.

Quang Hai will lead the Vietnamese team to conquer Jordan

But if the game expands an extra time, will the Vietnamese team be reduced in terms of physical strength?

Coach Park Hang Seo knows that, but the Vietnamese team has no other choice, for impatient printing is the squad falls into & # 39; s enemy. In my opinion, the defense of a Vietnamese team will be as much as possible, even if we are capable of two central midfielders who have a tendency to defend, it is extremely high, which is no Xuan Truong in & # 39; a team. get started.

The disadvantage of & # 39; a Vietnamese team is that we have a sharp fight of & # 39; Missing Anh Duc's size, forcing King Phuong to use the highest position in front, because Ten Linh and Duc Chinh are still young compared to Asia Championship grounds. Nevertheless, the players have helped this game so that the Vietnam team can still succeed if the first stage is not defended in defense!

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