Thursday , October 6 2022

Unexpected improved GK3 «Made in Vietnam» rifle



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The identity of the "strange" assault rifle Vietnam exhibited at Indo Defense 2018 was correctly identified as GK3.

At the India Defense 2018 International Defense Show held in Jakarta, Indonesia, the defense industry in Vietnam created several booths and impressed friends of the region.

The most notable items on the show were the "strange" assault rifles with Galil ACE's body, lancets and picnic lines. AK-74 style fire.

The STL-1B machine gun was originally introduced in October at the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. 9/2018

However, according to the introduction, the official designation of the weapon is the GK3 assault rifle, which identifies the combination of both Galil and AK names. Compared to the AKM or Galil ACE 32, the GK3 combines all two advantages in a single design to provide superior tactical functionality.

Because of the Galil ACE 32, the guns are 700 bits per minute, AKM (600 bits per minute) and Picatinie rails are much faster.

The use of 415mm long barrels and AKM airbags keeps the barrel head constant at 715m / s (7.62x39mm bullet fired at Galileo ACE 32). m / s).

However, the revolutionary improvement of the GK3 is its ability to choose a firing mode. If an existing gun has only one trigger and one trigger, train the soldier in the appropriate way. Its complexity has been overcome in GK3.

According to the introduction, the GK3 has three firing modes with a single beam, a single beam and three bullets, saving a lot of time and effort in training new combatants.

The GK3, with its excellent tactical features, has been rated as a promising candidate for replacing the traditional AK-47 rifle of the Vietnam People's Army

Also, the future of GK3 in the world market is very bright. When it comes to being a "unique gun" that can not be touched, you will certainly be interested.

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