Sunday , December 5 2021

Two trailers that incorporate false licenses over 60m3 of illegal logging


(Justice) – On 22 November, the Dak Lak Department of Economic Security Policy coordinates with functional units to anticipate and verify the types and measure of illegal logging, determined by the police. to hold.

According to preliminary information, on November 3, 21 information of people on the illegal transport in Mackenzie district, a working group of deputy Economic Security Police in Dak Lak Province In Coordination with M & D the police has carried out the secret.

Working group discovered the truck with the control board: 78C-070.57 driven by Huynh Quoc Toan (36 years old, living in Song Hinh district, Phu Yen) and 51C-077.97 with trailers 51C-077.97. Dang Phuc Cuong (38 years old, living in Huai Nhon district, Binh Dinh province) rides on Highway 29 from Dak Phu, Cu Prao-municipality, Moksha province. check.

Two trailers that incorporate false licenses over 60m3 of illegal logging

Illegal wood was tackled by police

Inspection detected the functional forces on two apartments have hundreds of long wooden boxes, with a total volume of more than 60m3. In Time of Inspection, both directors can not produce invoices, documents discuss the origin of the wood.

In the past, both transporters have been transporting the wood for an unknown man in village 2, Ea Hly kommune, Song Hinh district, Phu Yen province. Then the agriculture 29 moves to the province of Phu Yen and then to Highway 1A to put into North-consumption.

To overcome the function, both cars are plotted with false numbers. When the car was stopped in the Cu Prao commune, district Mack, police officer Dak Lak province.

The case was investigated by Dak Lak Provincial Police.

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