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Two guys decided to rob the bank robberies in Thai Binh, the persecutions

Wednesday January 23, 2010 1:54 pm (GMT + 7)

Robbery of VND 210 million, missing two masked objects after using the knuckle to cut the sequels.

Two guys decided to lose the bank robberies in Thai Binh - 1

Agribank headquarters in branch of Vu Ten to prey animal (Photo: Bidder)

At noon on January 23, PV, Mr Tran Minh Tuan, chairman of the Vu Committee of the People's Republic of Vu, earned Vu Thu District, Thailand Binh Province says that Agribank is populated in the community of Vu Ten.

Specifically, at 23 o'clock on January 23, two men inverted their faces, tugging the Agribank headquarters in Vu Tien's municipalities, the employees and robbers threatened 210 million dong.

Before leaving the bank, the two subjects used a stretched object, which the workers had caused, had to leave their headquarters to leave, some people tried to guide people.

"When the weird thing was, I and some officials came in close together. If you hear the noise of the attack, we immediately go to the bank, but only saw the staff missing after retrieving from the unfavorable range, the two objects were to perform, "said Tuan.

According to Tuan, in & # 39; the time of & # 39; The raid, the police and the people tried to try, but the two bandits, on the other hand, hit very hard, ready to use the bullet to fight.

A village navigator uses a roadblock, which was used by two wounded bandits to close the bridge at the People's Committee of Ten Commune. The convictions were taken by two uninjured objects in the water below the bridge.

Currently, the case is being investigated and clarified by Vu Thu district police.

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