Sunday , October 17 2021

Tragedy for the representative of Asia


Paraguay had a spectacular comeback to win 3 points against Japan.

In fact, Japan and Paraguay need only 1 point to participate in the round for the 16 most elite representatives. However, the game that took place in this league showed no tolerance.

The Japanese futsal team with excellent strength in terms of every player on the field showed complete dominance in the first minutes. In turn, the Henmi as Arthur continuously bombarded the goal of the Paragoay goalkeeper. Very early on, the score was opened for Japan with a superb goal from “pivot” Arthur.

First scored a goal, Paragoay Tel seemed to wake up. Because, if you lose the match, the South American representative will almost certainly leave the tournament. They continuously created clear scoring opportunities after switching to high-pressure stones.

With 7 minutes played, Mareco had a fantastic opportunity to reply but his shot flew harmlessly into the side-netting of the goal. The score was tied at 1-1.

The famous reverse defeat, Japan still became the last Asian team to go through 76944

The Japanese team lost the match against Paraguay in the lead.

With a goal to clear, the Paraguay team played better. The South American representative then added a goal to put the score at 2-1 in the 33rd minute with the brilliant situation of the star Salas.

By winning the match 2-1, Paraguay advanced to the final of the 2021 World Cup with second place in Group E. In the meantime, despite losing the match, Japan will still participate in the 1 / 8 rounds because it is one of the four teams. three have the best record.

Paraguay’s opponent in the round of 16 will be Argentina. Meanwhile, the loss to Paraguay coincidentally caused Japan to face a very strong opponent, Brazil, in the knockout round.

To meet Brazil in the 1/8 round is nothing short of a real tragedy for Japan. According to coach Bruno when sharing after the match, this is above all calculations of the Asian team, because they just have to sign with Paraguay and they will fall into a much easier bracket. From the perspective of the music world, it is inconceivable that Japan will surpass Brazil.

Official selection:

Japan: Higo Pires; Ryōsuke Nishitani, Kazuya Shimizu, Katsutoshi Henmi, Arthur Oliveira.

Paraguay: Gabriel Gimenez; Julio Mareco, Adolfo Salas, Arnaldo Baez, Juan Salas.

40 ‘

FT: Japan 1 – 2 Paraguay

Paraguay Freget Time-Out.

33 ‘

Japan 1 – 2 Paraguay

JG SALAS (Paraguay) scores !!

29 ‘

KATO (Japan) tries to score.

20 ‘


Japan 1-1 Paraguay live: As tight as a string 76924

20 ‘

HT: Japan 1 – 1 Paraguay

The referee ends the first half.

19 ‘

Paraguay Freget Time-Out.

14 ‘

Paraguay suddenly took advantage of the last minutes. It looks like they want more goals against Japan.

7 ‘

Japan 1-1 Paraguay

J MARECO (Paraguay) equalized after a pass from !!

5 ‘

J ESPINOZA (Paraguay) tries to score.

3 ‘

Japan 1 – 0 Paraguay

OLIVEIRA (Japan) scored after a dangerous shot !!

2 ‘


NISHITANI (Japan) tries to catch the shot. However, the ball did not hit the target.

1 ‘



Japan vs Paraguay live: Asian opening festival?  76916

In Group E Futsal World Cup 2021, with two winning opening matches, Spain soon won tickets to advance. The remaining ticket of this group is the competition between Japan and Paraguay, both teams have 3 points after 2 matches. The direct clash between the two teams tonight is therefore expected to be very exciting and unpredictable.

As for the correlation of class and power, Japan is better judged. However, it should be noted that the losing team in this match will eliminate the risk, even considering the performance in the group of teams of the 3. With such a nature, they should be especially careful in the last match. last night. In that regard, it is not excluded that this match will end in a draw.

Japan vs Paraguay live: Asian opening festival?  76839

Japan are expected to have points against Paraguay.

In fact, both Japan and Paraguay need only 1 draw to go hand in hand. With such a nature, the two teams have a reason to use a cautious scene.

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