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Tickets instantly Vietnam

Monday, 10/12/2013 07:03 AM (GMT + 7)

The Vietnam VOC (VFF) has published a website published by online football maps that have been handled by the organizers.

VFF announces the appearance of a fake website

LDBDVN website recognizes web site, registered by iNET company, the interface design assigned to the LDBDVN online ticketing website. LDBDVN confirmed that this is a website for selling football footage BTC.

Vietnam - Malaysia cards for tickets 10/12: web site falcon cards - 1

Related information about the owner of the ticket sale site LDBDVN

It is not clear what the purpose of this fox website is, but fans should be very cautious and warn them to prevent them from being wounded.

LDBDVN confirmed that only working with a Japanese partner to sell soccer tickets online for matches in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 tournament in two addresses:

Both of these websites are registered with the Ministry of Economic and Commercial Department of India and Trade. Fans can check here.

LDBDVN and RUNSYSTEM is not responsible for the transactions made on a fake Web site.

Vietnam - Malaysia buy tickets for tickets 10/12: web site fraud - 2 will appear

WebSite vacation sold online tickets like the official website of LDBDVN

To make purchases of tickets after the final round of football between Malaysia – Tel, 19.30 o'clock on 15/12/2018 at the My Dinh stadium – Hanoi, on the website of the LDBDVN, recommendations fans visit the website LDBDVN: to remove from the official map of BTC.

Officially official tickets online

At the ticket to the final round of the AFF Cup 2018, it is known that the Football Federation of Vietnam is selling online later than half the final. But it is important that fans buy a more time frames. This is a good news, # 39 in the online sales of many people can not buy tickets because it is overloaded on the system.

VietNamNet Bridge - 10/12: Tickets for fake ticket sale appear - 3

Fans will buy in multiple timeframes

According to the general secretary of VFF Le Hoai Anh, the opening period begins at 10pm on 10/12. There will be a total of 4 timeframes for cash sales, including 10 – 16 – 22 – December 22 and 10 am at 11pm.

From 15,000 tickets sold, VFF limited the number of times to limit the over ticketing system. However, this rule will be abolished and those who are quick to have the opportunity to buy tickets. In addition, VFF also announced that it will work with its technical counterparty to receive tickets as a reputable Japanese company.

Maps for the final of Vietnam and Malaysia on December 15 have higher prices than semi final, including the number 200,000, 350,000, 500,000, 600,000.


– VFF gives only 1 person to buy up to 2 tickets when registering online to extend the opportunity for many people to buy.

– Ticket tickets will pay with domestic credit card, credit card …

– To minimize the number of multiple folders with different cards, the VFF is only once with the National Identity Card or Identity Card.

– After ending the buyer's ticket, buyers receive a ticket in two forms. One is direct transmission through VN Post service for customers to choose this service and appointment in 12 districts of Hanoi. To get the tickets, the buyer must compile his / her ID card or original ticket.

payment time:

From 9 o to 16 o / m 13/12 en 14/12/2018.

By: Vietnam Football Federation, Le Quang Dao Street, Phu Do Ward, Nam Tu Lām District, Hanoi.

AFF Cup 2018 Final Schedule:

First leg final at Bukit Jalil, Malaysia: 19h45 on 11/12, Malaysia – Vietnam

Final Round at My Dinh Stadium, Vietnam: 19h30 on 15/12, Vietnam – Malaysia

Vietnam duel Malaysia: 65 years old

The two leaders of Vietnam and Malaysia are the notorious spit of the region.

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