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Thousands were wounded by the riots after the former teacher was condemned

In the afternoon of July 23, the People's Committee of Soc Trang Province condemned the accused Tran Thi Thanh Huyen (aged 41; lives in Xuan Hoa municipality, Ke Sach district, Soc province Cravings) for a prison sentence of 17 years for "Scams appropriating property". The victim is 161 people who & # 39; t participate in a thread with female headlines.

Thousands were wounded by the court case after the former teacher was condemned - Photo 1.

Some were annoyed, disturbed the garden

According to the case file, Huyen was previously a teacher in Ke Kak's district but left her job because of her debt. More than ten years ago, women were accused of receiving commands from practitioners.

When making trust in many home players, Huyen creates a dizzying intention to write down the names of the members to cure and sell them. Due to this trick, from 6-2011 to 3 March, Huyen made almost 4 billion out of 161 people appropriated.

After the panel has been condemned, a lot of harms are scared to the front. Suggest some women in & # 39; the police force you & # 39; t & # 39; A rule for the court was to cause problems.

According to these people, they want the panel to force the accused to pay immediately for condemnation, not by means of judgment. More than half an hour of disturbance to a court, many people went out to cry, causing no concern.

News – photo & # 39; s: PHONG KHÊ

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