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"There is no way that we can break the test results from river to river!"

Hold a press release by Hanoi Party Committee in & # 39; On the afternoon of July 23, Mr. Le Tu Luc – Deputy Chief of Hanoi People & # 39; s Committee Office and Mr. Vo Tien Hung – President of Hanoi Sawmill and Drainage Co., Ltd., responded. The problems related to the cleaning of To Lich River by Japanese technology have been eliminated by water.

Tests in the rainy season are not suitable?

Reported here, Mr. Luc said that the People's Committee of Hanoi has approved the Japanese expert delegation and Japan Vietnam Environment Joint Stock Company (JVE Company) to test and clean a section of the River Lich. In that process, Hanoi City also notes that the special feature of To Lich River has continuous flow, which is the main drainage owner in case of rain and water treatment for West Lake.

Mr. Vo Tien Hung – Chairman of Hanoi Drainage Company Limited

Based on & # 39; results A news report, at 9 am on July 9, called on officials of Hanoi Riolking and Drainage Company Limited to inform technical staff of JVE Company to inform water management and regulation. Weather condition from the west to prevent flooding. On July 12, Hanoi Sawmill and Drainage Company Limited has operated the West Lake A-B regulatory door to regulate the water level to the proper water level.

Deputy Chief of Hanoi City People's Committee said, as expected in the evening of July 15, heavy rainfall in Hanoi occurred, measured as follows: Ba Dinh 49mm, Tay Ho 55mm, Dong Da 56mm and Hoang Mai 72mm makes the river level up (at 4.26m Hoang Quoc Viet gate), water is flooded in the sludge treatment area of ​​JVE and flows strongly.

According to Mr. Luc, at the meeting with Hanoi Building Division on July 22, assessed units and JVE time & # 39; a test operation, the test unit collects and updates the data daily. However, due to the short preparation period (1 week), JVE Company has not yet undertaken a thorough investigation, not fully updated information on natural conditions, weather, water level changes, speed … on a river. After correction, you are not referring to the operation guidance of the drainage system of the drainage project to improve Hanoi's environment.

“Testing in the rainy season is unsuitable, the experimental plan does not include any major river rains or heavy rains as a water supply of West Lake. JVE company site suggested earlier to be informed about the time of West Lake water dropping to cautiously drive the unit, "told Mr Luc.

Deputy Chief of the City People's Committee confirmed that Ha Noi Drainage and Sawmill Company Limited treated water from West Lake to To Lich River until now a regular operation, and complies with regulations to provide for escape work. water in the rainy season; just in some job.

Suggested Cleaning from River to Nano-Bioreactor Technology by Investors. "The fact that water coming from the West Sea becomes a stream that affects the technical element of the experiment shows that the technology is being used for the continuous stream of high-speed river water to be studied closely. bisexual. City People's Committee will focus departments to review the units reporting the test results, "said Luc.

Maximum conditions for experimental units are maximized

According to Mr. Vo Tien Hung, after consulting with the vice-president of Hanoi City People's Committee Nguyen The Hung, this unit and representatives of & # 39; e branches of JVE Company to pilot the cleaning of To Lich River. by Japanese technology.

Mr. Hung confirm that the company has made maximum terms for people, premises … to perform tests; at the same time warned of possible issues, to run the project in the rainy season.

With Japanese technology, the amount of mud below the To Lich river will be treated in CO2 and water. (Photo: Nguyen Duong)

“Up to the river Lich are both major river flows at rain or water from West Lake or both. We warned and at that moment Japanese experts and JVE Company confirmed that it had absolutely no effect. We also remembered why the source is the Hoang Quoc Viet port, but it is confirmed that the spirit of the spirit is not affected, "said Mr. Hung.

Also, according to Mr Hung, when the release of water from West Lake on July 9 announced, JVE company did not respond. Hanoi Drainage Company Limited has been pouring water slowly over 2 days, not in the test area. But on July 15, the intensity of heavy rain streamed into the crotch area.

"It is not because of the water discharge of West Lake, but for rain and rain are not large, it is poured into the test area," said Hanoi Water Drainage One Member Limited Liability Company, also confirmed during the process of tests. The experience of the company is well coordinated, not when it says "we broke".

Mr. Hung added, Japanese experts and JVE Company tested, as successful, they will give prizes, approve Hanoi City, "we must transfer money to them".

"The public opinion said that we have broken, disputed, reported that we are not currently involved in the treatment of this To Lich river. At the meeting on July 22, the JVE Company confirmed that the recent test was due to their impatience, non-existent research, & # 39; said Mr. Hung.

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