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The village's "teacher" does not have the education level of hundreds of poor students who have passed university education.


Monday, November 19, 2012 2:00 AM (GMT + 7)

There is no degree, no training through pedagogy, but "village teachers" over 20 years are still difficult to teach. Thanks to the teachings of this "teacher", hundreds of students go on to famous universities.

The story of "village teacher"

Dang Tien Dung (SN 1957, Hamlet 5, Phuc Dong community, residents of Huong Khe area (Ha Tinh province) .The name is known as affectionate "village teacher".

In the last 24 years, this class of "qualified teachers" has not only been popular in the commune, but has also spread to many other places. Parents who have children in their neighborhood community bring their children to tutor seeds.

Mr. The winding path leading to Dung's classroom is an old green canopy. The simple four-storey house from the outside to the hill is only 30 square meters in size, with old furniture and lectures in the corner.

Dung Professor of Poor Phuc Dong

I stopped at the door with only a 1m40 small person, slowly took off the gait and introduced "I am dead".

It is inspiration to laugh with a soft, soft voice when we meet a "village teacher". Dung began to talk to his seated guests about his sorrow.

He was born into five brothers who were members of the Phuc Dong commune. He was born as a normal healthy person as his colleagues, but at the age of six he suffered malaria from malaria after suffering many treatment failures, one leg paralysis, and difficulty walking.

The way to a distant place, the bridge went to school by paralysis while doing school life. Unless the state of health allows for education, Mr. Deng, who studied only in the 7th grade, was absent.

When he grew up, he married a man from the same village and had five children. From then on, he had to face difficulties.

With the burden of rice, clothes, and rice, he tried everything he could to finance his family, including accounting, post offices, trade unions, traders, builders, and woodworkers.

"Teacher" students to teach excrement

Working hard and hard, but everyday working for him still teaches books, studies knowledge, and teaches five children to study.

"On the day of work at the farm, I went to school with my children, I bought more books and read books and taught them, so my dad told me that they had to learn together and have breakfast until the end of the outstanding issue."

Every school I attend is a class that is the father of the class, self-study, and many times students learn. Sometimes they are arguing about difficult problems or classmates.

"Do not call me a teacher."

Then, when five children arrived at college, the teacher went to school, and three of them were happy when they got good grades and had the same job.

Dung talked about his upcoming relationship with the teacher and reminded him that in grade 9 in grade 9, 28 students chose grade 10 to apply for a woodworking course.

They began to urge them to go back to school looking at their childhood. On the carpenter's side, the teacher came to the classroom to practice for the children. At the end of the study period, all students passed grade 10, and those who received the previous score of 0 also received 8 points.

Since then, Dunk's reputation has been widely known in the region, and many families in the region have drawn children and brought them to the teacher.

Until now, "village teachers" have taught for 24 years.

"Actually, it was a very unexpected thing, but I was so happy to say that my parents were very happy to see the load, because I studied voluntarily and no one would accept it, but people are encouraging and many students are eager to help me I am trying, so nod. "

As far as he thinks, the classroom is growing from grade 3 to college students, and you have to divide the three classes into six classes.

Because the capital was not trained, the teacher had many difficulties in teaching. There are many difficult topics that "teachers" have to stick with all night to find answers for this student. In addition to teaching mathematics, Dung teaches subjects in Li, Chemistry, and Linguistics.

Dung can only pay 10-15,000 won per class. Even many students have a difficult situation in which teachers do not collect costs.

Dang Tien Dung, a "village teacher", has trained thousands of students and has helped hundreds of students who graduated from prestigious universities to pass local and college students.

For Mr. Dung, books are the most important thing to cultivate knowledge.

"Do not call me a teacher, I really do not deserve it, I have nothing but knowledge, and my degree has never been trained through school, but most students go to prestigious universities."

He has been awarded the Certificate of Merit of the People's Committee of Huong Khe District of Ha Tinh Province for more than 24 years while contributing to education. In particular, he won the prime minister's prize for "I saw the Dung" in 2010 following the moral example of Ho Chi Minh.

Young teachers cook for hundreds of poor children.

Outside of class, Dung enlisted to mobilize more people to the community to organize meals.

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