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"The Vase Vietnam candidate 2018 expires"


Thursday, 29/11/2018 16:23 PM (GMT + 7)

Sister Nam Em, Ton Tuan Kiet, Nhu My, Tram Anh are not very considerate by the Russians, but are presented in the epicenter The The Face.

Swan: The Face Vietnam 2018 candidates thread & # 39; - 1

Swimjets are trendy with a mix of two handbags, this is a beautifully interesting trend that the trendy tote is on spring and summer 2019.

Presented in the recent event, Swan has made a brief introduction to The Face Vietnam 2018. It is shared widely in the perspective of a follower of the show as the other public:

Besides some familiar faces such as Truong Thanh Long, Mid Nguyen or many contingencies that are ever mentioned, or Mac Trung Kien, South England, other friends do not have a deep impression. Bold in the media and also in the public, says Russian only the point from the public is to see the audience and the program. I still see the effect and always coached the coach. What have some names changed publicly? "

In the story of 'story', Swan was composed by Lan Kwai in # 39; the 7 episode for the commenting of more important than & # 39; action, if it was swan as & # 39; the right person in the wrong time. Through the vision of Vietnam 2018 has broadcast eight episodes, but had no challenge.

Swan: The Face Vietnam 2018 candidates thread & # 39; - 2

Swan: The Face Vietnam 2018 candidates thread & # 39; - 3

Swift has a short story about The Face Vietnam 2018.

Talk about the birth of 's wrong data. And answering this question, she said: "Russia thinks the face of the brand." The first thing to do is to do it and you must know your strength in the natural way of the camera, and the catwalk is just an extra skill that's not it's not. Many of you are trusted in & # 39; catwalking skills and forget about the nature of & # 39; Competition: "Looking for the Eyes." Russia still maintains that the action is more important than "The Face".

Swan also admired the three coaches, especially supermodel Thanh Hang. "Thanh Hang is a symbol that everyone is talking about." They shone a fire when they offer their teammate, the miner to mine Minh Tu, and is more than respected. Although the trailer of The Face I sometimes panic is due to Thanh Hang's "- The Russian presents.

Long donations are offered if you see the fear this year, although the artistic activities of Minh Hang and their power are shown in action and advertising, but Thien Nga will choose their team Thanh Hang. Because Mr Thanh Hang is full of two active factors and model experience.

Eventually predicts and hopes Thanh Hang teammate wins, the winner is Lingzhi. But, according to her, "30 is not Tet", Vo Hoang Yen team's face of the sponsor brand sponsor will know that the end is the last minute by the movie or the end.

Swan: The Face Vietnam 2018 candidates thread & # 39; - 4

In the event, Nga has the opportunity to meet the "warhead" Khanh Linh and Dong Anh Quynh.

Elly Chen, Minh Tu, Swift: Who is the sexiest in the pants to fight controversy?

No longer look at the sexy photos of 3 beautiful women.

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