Thursday , January 27 2022

The US Navy develops new tactical nuclear weapons


This weapon has been developed under the strategic system of US Navy (SSP), which typically has the development of nuclear weapons.

Spreading room at a Navy forum in early November, said Wolfe that the United States wanted all solutions at any time in one hour. can get. To do this, the US has a supersonic weapon needed with rapid acceleration and launched potential of any car's.

"From a naval perspective, we promote the wider weapon that has been launched from the water. This weapon can survive in every area," said Wolfe, adding that it would not be used by the Navy but by other services.

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The US Navy will develop tactical nuclear weapons and supersonic events

Furthermore, Wolfe has said that the US Navy has been ordered to develop new tactical nuclear weapons as a response to the new core game in Russia.

The weapon will be developed based on the Trident D5 Intercontinental Balistic Flight and the Use of W76 Nuclear Strike from & nbsp; 70s. It was forbidden to test new nuclear weapons and most of the W76 components were allowed for the international ban.

The new missile will be the same size as the Trident D5 and the engine will not change, but most changes will be in the electronic system.

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