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The teacher succeeded and studied in Hai Phong: The main character was set up

The teacher mastered and students in Hai Phong: The main character was set up - 1

The second teacher succeeded, many students fled in the test, disciplinary head of reprimand (FB photo)

Information of Hong Kong District People's Committee today (May 23) said that the Hong Bang District Discipline Council agreed to discipline the Principal of Quan Toan Primary School.

At noon on May 22, it held public communication & # 39; a Hong Kong review decision, so experiences with the collective of & # 39; e counsel of & # 39; a director of the Quan Toan Primary School (Hong Bang district) by the decision of woman Nguyen Thi Thu Urge (class 2A8 homeroom teacher) and wife Pham Thi Van (class 2A7 homeroom teacher) succeeded and shaken 2A7 students in term 2.

Subsequently, the Hong Bang District's Discrimination Committee proposed a 100% unanimous discipline with the form of a recent review, drawing a profound experience for the school board; submitted to wife Nguyen Thi Hoa, director of Quan Toan Primary School.

Also, at Hong Kong's meeting, Hong Kong's People's Demand asked the school board to coordinate with the representative government of & # 39; The parents of students to hold a public meeting, deny 2A7 parents. At the same time, a school meeting organizes learning lessons, teaching management, ethical rules on teachers …

Earlier, the Disciplinary Council of Quan Show has Primary School at & # 39; A morning of May 21, procedures were also in place and was discussed on disciplinary action for the teaching of teacher Nguyen Thi Thu Urge and Conflict for Teacher Pham Thi Van (Homeroom Class 2A7).

The master master and students in Hai Phong: The main character was set up - 2

Frustrated because not only his children were closed and slammed, many other students were also closed, so that parents snuggle on social networks (he slips from clips)

Do not know if Tri has been informed of the morning of May 8, and it has & # 39; e Quan Display Primary School feedback from parents of Hoang Gia Duc & # 39; s pake (SN 2011, grade 2A7) on the fact that Duc was a teacher. Nguyen Thi Thu Thirst slower, beaten, threw her legs and face. When receiving the reflection, the school immediately wrote the camera to check and determine that Trang had hit the Royal Family.

In view of the complexity, the school reports to the leaders of Hong Bang District and the leadership of Hai Phong Department of Education and Training. On May 9, the school conducted a simple suspension for wife Trang under the direction of & # 39; s neighborhood. At the same time, the school administrators also sought to earn and stimulate the family and coordinate with the family to take the best measures to treat the granddaughter of Duk.

The teacher mastered and students in Hai Phong: The main character was set up - 3

What mattered on May 21, the teacher Nguyen Thi Thu Urge the form of discipline deportation (concluded from cliff)

Ms. Trang was later disciplined in the form of a suspension of learning for 6 months and was not appointed as the president of 1 year.

However, at noon on May 15, Hoang Gia Duc's mother and daughter showed a stone showing the image of many 2A7-grade students sleeping by woman. Urge in & # 39; to take a vacation break, not closing the duck's granddaughter. succeed most. Not only succeeding and striking, urge also wrote and tear her grandchildren.

Particularly in the cliff show that she is not only wife urgent, but also wife Le Thi Van (1972 SN, homeroom teacher of Duc's class) also went to the class to defeat 2 students, which is why one of & # 39; e two pupils became tears. .

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