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The son of capitalist Trinh Van Bo calculated more than 200 million shares of Vinaconex.


Recently, along with State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC), Viettel Group also announced auction of 94 million shares of the company. Viettel owned Vietnam Import & Export and Construction (Vinaconex). This ratio corresponds to 21.28% of Vinaconex's charter capital.

As a result of the evaluation of the investors participating in the Vinaconex stock auction announced by the appraisal committee, two investors who fully satisfied the conditions for participating in the Viettel stock auction of Vinaconex JSC Thang Long Housing and Urban Development Vietnam and Cuong Vu Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Two investors registered with Viettel owned Vinaconex stock auctions

Two investors registered with Viettel owned Vinaconex stock auctions

Using the bid price of VND 21,300 / share, investors participating in the auction will own the entire stock and this amount will be reduced from 23/11 to 29/11/2018

According to data from the national business portal, Thang Long Housing Development and Urban Development Corporation was established in early 2010 and is located at 135 Tran Phu Street, Van Quan Ward, Hadong District, Hanoi, Is represented by Trinh Can Chinh as legal representative.

Trinh Can Chinh was the son of Trinh Van Bo, a private businessman who donated 1 million Dong for the establishment of Indochina Bank in Vietnam based on Trang Tien (Hanoi) in 1946.

His family also dedicate the entire second floor of the 48 Ngoc Ngang houses to the work of Ho Uncle and 15 members of the Standing Committee of the Central Party. Here "Declaration of Independence" appeared. Then, in the "Golden Week" receiving money with the people who donated to the government, his family donated to 5,147 gold (equivalent to 2 million Indochina for government).

Trinh Can Chinh, who was sent to study the oceanography in the Soviet Union in 1973, returned to Vietnam in 1973 and was assigned to the Legislative Council in 1974. Right now the Justice Department.

In 1979, due to the internal contradiction of the agency, he was "blamed" for being fired without taking military service.

Trinh Can Chinh

Trinh Can Chinh – entrepreneur "lineage" started business at that time (Vietnam net photo)

He said: "I finished my difficult life of cutting rice, going out, selling everything, and participating in the market, but due to business propensity, I had a much higher income than a civil servant at the time."

However, in 1983, he returned to the Ministry of Justice and the Law Department until he retired. Housing Development and City Thang Long Vietnam.

Trinh Can Chinh's company is known to have acquired the Hina Van Quan (Ha Dong) and Vinh Hung Dominium 409 project of Vina Megastar Corporation. The total investment capital of these two projects is approximately 300 billion VND.

According to his assertion, he still maintains family traditions in business, trades 10 dongs, keeps seven, and helps the poor by virtue.

VCG shares in the stock market are currently at Dh18,800 (based on the closing price on Aug 18). Therefore Trinh Can Chinh's overall purchase price is 13% higher than VCG's market price.

In the third quarter, Vinaconex recorded net sales of 2.222 trillion yuan, down 8.7% yoy, and net profit was 295% yoy to 185.4 billion yuan.

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