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The sheds bring the happiness in the new year – 24 short

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At & # 39; New Year, many countries have & # 39; starting a new tradition of eating and eating a feast with family and lovers with food that they think brings happiness and happiness. for the whole year.


Food is good at a new year - 1

Pomegranate is considered a kind of happy for food in Turkey on New Year for two very significant reasons. First, the round shape of the skin is money and therefore flourishes. Although, second, the red color of a fruit is called to symbolize a healthy heart as a promise of fertility to people who eat it.


Food is good at a new year - 2

Hearing is very popular in European countries such as Germany, Poland and Scandinavia. However, eating a plate of herring when the midnight clock is when you hope the money after the year. You see, hearing is not just a major leap in Europe; Silver paint is said to combine search.


Food is good at a new year - 3

In Cuba and Spain, serotypes are famous symbols of progress and innovation. People have not only enjoyed the pork well enough, they also made kitchens and kitchens as animals as a sign of the news of a new year.

Lobster Melon

Food is good at a new year - 4

Germany has an extended tradition, not usually eating from a year's date. Although people still believe that eating pork brings happiness and happiness, but in Germany the tradition is that eating black with melon brings blessings to & # 39; a wealth for the new year. Traditionally, people want to participate in milling, wishing each other much wealth and goodness as the number of slaughtered bulls in a mixed melon jacket.


Food is good at a new year - 6

Cornbread is a favorite in most South American countries. Still at & nbsp; a New Year, a part of & # 39; a corn cow in your meal brings happiness. The golden color of this cake cake is considered happier when it comes to monetary success.


Food is good at a new year - 7

In Italy, most people expect that after the new year, they will have a green ribbon and wash in the hope of a flourishing year. Lentils grow

Green vegetables

Food is good at New Years - 8

Green is a symbol of happiness, why is it going green vegetables on New Year's day when you bring happiness. Green symbolizes money as you hope for a rich year, you can try to eat a flat with a lot of greens.

Sweet cake

Food is good in the new year - 9

It is believed that eating a round dessert or a rounded cup will bring a smooth circle for the following year. In another tradition, some people will even buy a coin on a cook that is a lucky share to the person who found it.

Black-eyed beans

Food is good at new years - 10

Eighteenth black eggs in a new year are a South American tradition. Not many cultures can grow in winter monuments, however, black eggs tend to keep fresh and are believed to give prosper to those who eat them.

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