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The PM concludes the APEC Summit.


(Minister of Justice) – Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and his delegation arrived in Hanoi on November 18th and successfully completed the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation visit. – Pacific (APEC) held on 26th, in Papua New Guinea.

From November 17th to November 18th, the Prime Minister runs high-intensity business programs, including sharing ideas, attending lectures and lunches in attendance, exchange, and private meetings. APEC Summit, IMF APEC Summit, 14 Pacific Leaders, APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) and Ban Thai Prime Minister of Thailand Banuatu, bilateral contact with Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (China) Pacific island leader. APEC's US business alliance, including some large companies investing in Vietnam, is …

At the meeting, the Prime Minister announced strong statements on trade and investment liberalization, WTO support, economic integration, sustainable development, and the application and change of the digital economy.

PM is the 26th APEC Summit

After the APEC summit in Da Nang, the international situation has become more complex than expected. The world economy is showing signs of instability, new challenges and unprecedented precedent, threatening the stability of the global trading system. It requires members' efforts, cooperation, and close ties.

For nearly three decades, APEC has successfully created a "nursery school" for regional economic cooperation with 21 member nations. More than ever, APEC should play a role in initiating and continuing "child care" for innovative ideas. APEC should be the foundation for the Asia Pacific region to become a global technology hub.

APEC must continue to create new momentum for growth, trade, investment, connectivity and development, and is not enjoying the results. Globalization and Economic Integration in the Digital Age. Only APEC affirmed its position as a major regional economic forum. The APEC 2018 Summit should demonstrate APEC's leading role in supporting an open, transparent, inclusive, fair and rule-based multilateral trading system. In a new context, it is necessary to continue to integrate, reform and strengthen the role of the WTO.

As a major regional economic integration mechanism, APEC should actively promote economic cooperation and coordination mechanisms such as the ASEAN Economic Community, CPTPP Agreement and RCEP with the formation of autonomous trade zones. Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) To ensure complementarity between mechanisms

The Prime Minister proposes that the APEC member countries take their cooperation very seriously, including: (i) Strengthen structural reforms to resolve gaps Between APEC member nations.

PM is the 26th APEC Summit

It is therefore important to integrate the "new APEC agenda for structural reform" into the agenda of the member states. (ii) "APEC Borderless Facilitation Facility", "APEC Economic and Digital Economic Roadmap" and "Economic Activity Program Number". (iii) rapid investment in digital infrastructure and digital convergence. The construction and efficient use of the country's "large database" should strengthen its investment in a comprehensive and reliable security direction. At the same time, it focuses on digital commercial infrastructure, develops fin-tech, connects innovation centers and promotes start-ups. (iv) Upgrading organizational and management skills Absorb knowledge and absorb advanced technology in both the private and public sectors. (v) Support, cooperation to develop together in the digital economy. Developed economies that have the advantage of being developed countries need to strengthen their policies to support developing countries in structural reform policies and to develop technology to improve connectivity in the digital revolution.

At the summit, leaders agreed to promote digital futures and digital economic activity, promote capacity-building, develop technology and take advantage of opportunities to access infrastructure. Numerical order to reduce digital divide; Emphasize the involvement and creativity of companies such as SMEs and all social sectors.

The conference agreed to promote open and free trade and investment, structural reforms related to the digital economy, and strengthening the competitiveness of the service sector, with particular emphasis on education and training. We create human resources and raise society's awareness of digital economic development. They pledged to maintain the momentum of regional economic integration and cooperation and welcomed the negotiations for the conclusion of comprehensive and quality free trade agreements such as CPTPP, RCEP and trade agreements. Asia – Pacific (FTAAP) Free Trade. Member States endeavor to promote sustainable and inclusive growth that places the interests of the people at the heart of all policies. Implement the APEC 2017 Implementation Plan for Comprehensive Economic, Financial and Social Development by 2030 with respect to the implementation of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The PMEC, in a dialogue with representatives of the APEC Economic Community, together with senior leaders announced in the framework of this meeting that the Vietnam Parliament had just ratified the CPTPP Convention on November 12, 2002. It has confirmed its commitment to continue to promote comprehensive technology innovation in Vietnam, actively integrate it into the international market, and support open and free trade and investment in accordance with laws and high standards. Vietnam's economic ties are moving to a new, high-quality stage on a large scale, and the Prime Minister encourages the business community to actively contribute to policy, increase investment, and share the Vietnamese experience. Digital economic development and mutual benefit cooperation.

Many ABAC members celebrate the approval of the CPTPP by Vietnam, confirming that it is a great opportunity for foreign companies to gain more confidence and excitement about their investment and business in Vietnam.

Participation in the 26th APEC summit on the 20th anniversary of Vietnam's accession to APEC (1998-2018) is continuing to enhance its role as an outsider. Vietnam pledges to identify active, proactive and responsible participation in the formation of regional economic integration in Vietnam at this important regional forum and to continue to contribute to the common future of the game. Look for a peaceful, stable and prosperous Asia-Pacific economic community.

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