Friday , April 23 2021

The loan from VND 15.025 wired

The provincial public opinion is on 22 January Quang Nam Tumultus through the image of the image created in the social network over a tax decision is the center of & # 39; a Bac Tra My District Land Development Center, Quang Nam Province, to learn and apply the building with the amount of VND 15,025.

According to the image, the center of Bac Tra My District Fountain Fund sets Mr Le Kim Hap (living with the Party Commission, Tra My Town, Bac Tra My District) on January 23 afternoon to get the prize with the number VND 15.025.

Quang Nam: Providing the pay of VND 15.025 - Picture 1.

Quang Nam's VND 15.025 tax document caused a frost.

This document also stated that the price of this award is based on decision 5365 / QD-UBND of Bac Tra My District People's Committee on Experiencing Families, whose grounds have been restored and preserved by policy and transmitted well.

According to our registers, these unrealistic text mixed responses have been received from public opinion. The majority say that many bonuses are too small, so it is worth judging that, in comparison to the public, more than typing, sending documents to people.

Many other public opinion reflects on the real damage of this document. According to them, there can be no money that is similar to 1 bread of pho. "Maybe just a fake game, buying from social networks," said one opinion.

To get the truth, we contacted Mr. Dang Cong Tu, Deputy Director of Bac Tra My District Land Development Center. According to this leader, the image is of public opinion on VND's lance 15,025.

Developing this bonus amount, Mr Tu said it is based on compensation, support and provisions. Specifically, this tax amount is 5% of the amount of compensation for people on the side, home and architectural effects. Therefore, households with a small compensation will be reduced.

Mr. Tu gave, although he knew it was too little, he still had to do it because it was a scheme. "The number of people who pay with a small amount is also a few dozens of households, depending on how much they are compensated … Also, from tens of thousands, a few hundred thousand or a few million," said Mr. Tu.

We will continue to inform the incident!

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