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The & # 39; HCM cities budget section on the budget over the budget will choose & # 39; e budget

Talk to VnExpressDeputy Director, Ho Chi Minh City Department of State Le Duy Minh says, at the end of December 31, the agency has raised more than 268,780 billion US dollars, more than 100.03 percent of the target.

According to Mr. Minh, to realize the result, must have the & # 39; city tax depot & # 39; check a collection of hours check, encourage companies to pay the upcoming fourth-quarter tax rates, and also collect the amounts collected in & # 39; to remove the budget. In & # 39; months of & # 39; A month, the Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department and the Ward divisions did not enter, but occupied the last collection until 22:00 on December 31.

Ho Chi Minh City State High Taxation is 100.08% in 2018.

Special revenue from the HCMC tax clause set up 100.03% in 2018.

However, according to Mr. Minh, this year, despite watching the budget collection goal on absolute numbers, some other goals cannot be achieved, such as collecting land use and manufacturing and business activity fees.

The reason Mr. Minh pointed out that this year's rates for revenue with the above items were delivered at a high level, when the realization projects in 2018 were rented out for many reasons. Income from manufacturing and business activities in the city this year also increased by 13-14% compared to 2017, but has not yet reached the level.

Earlier, on the morning of December 28, the budget was & # 39; a Ho Chi Minh City registration only VND 260 million, as 100% of the estimate. Therefore, in the end of 2018, the urban steering committee must collect more than 2,000 billion a day to reach its annual budget target.

In 2017, also in the middle of & # 39; on the night of December 31, the city sector could only charge the budget target, down 238,882 billion, by more than 27% compared to 2016. Ho Chi Minh City's registration of state registration only sees it consuming from & # 39; city is in & # 39; The last two years have been relatively high, so this bureau is about stressful about budget collection.

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