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Supermodel is called "squeeze" the player also "sounds" the club

Wednesday, 28/11/2018 10:02 AM (GMT + 7)

Kendall Jenner, a well-known sub-lingerie supermodel, is kidnapped by thousands of American basketball fans.

Kendall's supermodel came to catch her boyfriend in the NBA

Kendall Jenner The 23-year-old is a fashion model and television personality known in the United States. She has launched in reality reality television series and is one of Victoria's Secret Models. She is the same mother to the model "super round 3" – Kim Kardashian.

Supermodel hot & # 34; squeeze & # 34; Player Power & # 34; The Club - 1

Ben Simmons did not get the best form because she was in love with Kendall Jenner (left)

In the past there are many articles about the Kardashian sisters who were emotional relations with a sports star, a few hours after the athlete goes down. The Kardashians are an omen.

First, Kim "Super Ronde 3", Kim Kardashian. In May 2011, Kim was basketball player Kris Humphries. But her marriage lasted 72 days and ended up. After the scandal, Kris Humphries got a long time game and his career was mainly connected to the bank of five teams in six years.

Basket lover Lamar Odom felt in love with the Kardashian sister Khloe. After the NBA won twice and the "Premiership of the Year" was taken over, Odom's career works when he starts a marriage with Khloe Kardashian. Odom fled into decline and was successful enough for drugs, which he did himself in the end of # 39; Late year was hospitalized by medical overdose.

Kendall Jenner has no Kardashian, but her mother and two sisters Khloe and Kim made Ben Simmons not the best, because the two of them. The Simmons also lost the Philadelphia 76ers to the Cleveland Cavaliers at home base.

The number of Kendall Jenner is also present to see this match, probably knowing that Jenner does not make a sublimation of 'Ben Simmons' when the "relevant" ex-lover Jordaan Clarkson of Cleveland played light.

The home team was finished a series of 10 winnings in the home, which led the Philadelphia 76ers with the wonderful supermodel. According to Nbcsports, more than 5,000 signatures from the Kendall Jenner model should not continue to play the 76s, to think they just had a bad victim.

2m11 player let the center of

NBA basketball players with a height of 2m11 were strangely strangers.

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