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Super Cup AFF Cup Best Goal in the World – Football 24 hours

Monday, 10/12/2013 13:13 PM (GMT + 7)

A super-product in & # 39; semi-final of & # 39; The AFF Cup 2018 will be nominated for the Best Theater in the FIFA Puskas.

See Syahmi Safari's super video to Thailand network: (Following Media License, broadcast on VTC)

Southeastern Championship (AFF Cup) Not strong in the past. Not even organized by the FIFA. This is just the playing field of the Southeastern Asian team that the last time the status of the club did not appear at any of the players on & # 39; to leave the hat.

Superb AFF Cup Super Cup winner of # Best Goal of # 39; the world - 1

Safari has the opportunity to compete for FIFA Puskas

However, the professional quality of the tournament has been improved. The Philippines has set up world class coach Sven Goran Eriksson on the lead. This team also has an English Premier League goal for Cardiff City. Last but not least, the Cambodian team also co-starred with the Honda of Japan.

Therefore, the fans enjoy the game attractive and class is not empty at the AFF Cup 2018. In the final round, there was a great goal on the & # 39; Rajamangala. This is not just the best candidate for the destination of the world in # 39; t annually nominated.

28 minutes semi final between Thailand and Malaysia, Syahmi Safari "Cannon" in the & nbsp; dead dead angle & # 39; the home team. The 1-1 draw is also important to promote the struggling spirit of "Golden Tiger" to come to an end.

The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) will nominate Syahmi Safari's goal to compete for the World Football Federation to compete for the FIFA Puskas Award.

In 2016, a Malaysian player won the FIFA Best Player of the Year Prize. Mohan Faiz Subri of Penang Club FA made an unbelievable free step to buy the Messi, Neymar's scholars to become the owner. FIFA Puskas.

Go back to the FIFA Puskas 2016 goal:

Malaysia Vietnamese Press Conference:

(10:30, 10/12) Coach Tan Cheng How is trust in the first leg of the first leg.

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