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Storm No. 9 changes high levels in Ho Chi Minh City News


Presently, the central districts are 301 mm, Tan Binh District 407.6 mm, Nha Be 345 mm, Can Cu 293 mm … This is the longest pure, the largest stream at HCMC to date.

[VIDEO] Saigon people think that life with the floods overwhelmed all night by the storm number 9

Heavy rain has severed heavily in Ho Chi Minh City, surface water in people. On November 25, there were 60 victories. On November 26, many roads were dancing groups, traffic, but many cars were deadmasters.

Phan Huy Street (Ward 15, Tan Binh district), 26.11 mornings, high water by motorboats flat, many motorcycles run through this autumn, the machine. Cars that have been pushed through the water are also flooded into the car in the & # 39; Lower the middle of the road. Traffic is wrong. The depths were also held in Huynh Tan Phat (District 7), Nguyen Van Qua (District 12), by way of Lac (Binh Tan district), Thao Dien area (District 2) Eastern Bus Station (Binh Thanh District).

On the routes of this unit are managed by two serious traffic jams around the East Bus Station and a roundabout (Binh Tan District). The department has mobilized 100% of its powers to regulate direct arrangements to support people in areas that are likely to be deeply influenced by people in # the road.

The cellar car in the lake

The history of rain has also changed many auto tunnels, apartment buildings in lakes.

In the morning, HCMC Fire Fighting Police had to withdraw the water from the car 44 Nguyen Bieu, Ward 1, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City to save motorcycles. Residents say that at 25.11 the rain does not disappear, many people have actively removed the car from the tunnel, but still hundreds of units have not transferred deep water. In & # 39; the neighborhood of & nbsp; The Ngoc Khanh Apartment of Ngoc Khanh (21 – 23 Nguyen Bieu, Ward 1, District 5) had the same lot and then the basement garage was overwhelmed with water, double hundreds of bikers, cars & # 39; s under 3 m water.

[FLYCAM] Saigon on & # 39; high in & # 39; the overflow of history due to typhoon number 9

On Phan Xich Long Street, Phu Nhuan District, the fire department also used the water supply in 191 (168) and 168 (P.2). Both tunnels are overwhelmed with rain, overlapping over 1 meter, many cars and motorbikes together.

According to the HCMC Fire Fighting Police, on November 25 – 26, the midst of 24 floods, 1,065 flood relief messages and trees fell.

A man fled into the night

On November 26, police in Binh Tan District (HCMC) coordinated with fire brigade Police Ho Chi Minh City police to search for people in # 39; the night 25.11 in area. Black Canal, Ben Lau Street (Binh Tan District).

People wash away Photo: CTV

According to preliminary information, midnight, Mr Long (approximately 30 years old) drives a motorcycle over the Black Canal on Ben Lung, the car is flooded by people and people. Residents in the area saw that when it was willingly prepared, the water grew and henceforth.

When he was long met with the motorcycle, he fled, some ran around to save, but failed. The stream of water has wounded the motorcycle, missing the gentle-down channel.

Additionally, the power of Q. Binh Tan is presenting organization to search for victims, but due to rains, winds, high waters, such as searching for stop. On tomorrow morning 26.11, on the water still the road of # 39; The road surface and quick (photo). The authorities sent the search force to the victim and the guard to arrange traffic, to promote people by safeguarding.

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