Saturday , August 13 2022

Stock Analysis 12/11: rebound risk securities failed before investor returns to market


The main trend is weak (decline)

The weak money came with the prudent hearing of the investors and the market moved faster at the end of the session. The VN index is close to the SMA (10), indicating that if the meeting continues to fall tomorrow, the technical rally is likely to end. The main trend is weakness. Investors should therefore limit spending and risk management priorities during this period.

100 SMA Support (Neutral)

(Bao Viet Securities Company – BVSC)

On weekly charts, the VN-index continues to support 888-895 points on the SMA100 line. If the breakpoint breaks, the market will move to a more negative position in the near future

Recovery Success (Neutral)

(MB Securities Company – MBS)

Technically, there is a concern that the rally will recover from the bottom due to a plunge in Friday. Unless liquidity improves on a downtrend, market scenarios fell sharply before rebounding. Available. In an optimistic scenario, the market may change in 900 point (915 points) of support area.

Next week will be pessimistic (decrease)

(FPT securities company – FPTS)

There is a negative signal that overall trends in the banking, food and oil and gas sectors are expected to be more pessimistic next week. Investors should be cautious about short-term surfing decisions.

Steadily declining (decreasing)

(Saigon securities establishment – SSI)

Since this index fell below the support line at 915, the downward trend in the next two trading sessions will continue to determine trends and will range from 900 to 925. The support threshold of 900 is a critical level, and if the 900 threshold is not maintained, the index will continue to fall.

There is no reason for instability (neutral)

(Ho Chi Minh City Securities – HSC)

Regardless of good Q3 business performance, the domestic market is still affected by low sales, overseas sales and concerns about the global economy. The performance season is over and the end of the year is approaching. In the short term, HSC has not found an incentive to stabilize the market.

Interference signal (neutral)

(Vietnam Securities Company – VNCS)

Friday's downward adjustments were short-lived, as the previous four sessions were optimistic about liquidity. Technical signals also showed signs of sales pressure as the index closed down MA7 and the probable reversal direction. These developments have proved that VNCS should act more cautiously, avoid bottom fishing, and cut down some of the stock lists that violated the risk ratios.

Supported thresholds MA10 (neutral)

(Viet Capital Securities Company – VCSC)

The short-term technical indicators of VN30 and HNX-Index are the closest troughs from 870 and 100, moving from neutral to negative through the following support: On the other hand, the short-term signals of the VN-Index remained at a neutral level temporarily due to VHM's efforts. However, MA10 support for this index at 914 points may experience difficulties in the next session.

Recovery effort is fast (if neutral)

(Viet Dragon Securities Company – VDSC)

The stock market was easily stagnated due to the weak currency and the negative impact of the global stock market. Sales pressure was concentrated in large cap stocks. Your recovery efforts will fail quickly. Midcap and Penny stocks were more positive as some stocks increased. Investors should limit short-term trading because of current market uncertainty.

The market is bearish,

(KIS Vietnam Securities Co., Ltd. – KIS)

The market was pessimistic due to the pressure of large stocks and the trend of adjustment. In short, systemic risk is increasing. Investors should continue to focus on risk management as adjustments remain dominant over time.

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