Thursday , January 27 2022

South Korean tourists banned the owner's property: A lot of money loses, keeps a passport News


According to the original witness, August 8, 1818, the Young Park Young Jun arrived in Vietnam as a free-time 15-day visa and registered to stay in a hotel in Vo Nguyen Giap Street (Ky My Ward, Da Nang). Here's Park Young Jun in casino game in this hotel and lose all money.

Despite the loss of his stay, Park Young Jun did not return to Korea but traveled to many provinces and cities in Vietnam. After losing his whole money Park Young Jun went to Hanoi and kept a passport at an unknown wardrobe for $ 4 million.

Keeping this money, Park Young Jun went back to Da Nang City, but was not eligible to play at the casino. Then he went to Hue City (Thua Thien – Hue) to find a hotel to continue playing and lose the whole money.

Tuesday 22.11, Park Young Jun walks, sleeps in the park in Hue. On the morning of 23.11, Park Young Jun took a taxi back to Da Nang. When he came to the front of Vo nguyen Giap number 88, he asked the sender to stop and the mess in ' the head of the driver to complete the highlight.

As Thanh Nien On November 23, 2012, the criminal investigation Q.Nguyanh Son, Da Nang-city found out on # 39; Patrol the police immediately check, arrest the Korean suspects Park Young Jun.

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