Sunday , August 1 2021

Quang Nam watermelon but stamped with Chinese people

Quang Nam watermelon marches with Chinese characters - Photo 1.

Watermelon is stamped and waiting for loading on trucks and recording stamp rolls with Chinese characters (small photo's) – Photo: LE TRUNG

Mr. T. (in Tam Phuoc), a watermelon farmer, says that in the melon this year, traders sell VND 5,000-6,000 / kg, "they saw. Chinese brand is ".

Mr Vu Thach Anh – President of the People's Committee of Tam Phuoc Municipality – says that the municipal authorities have informed and informed the districts and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

By research, Melone now imports a melon, but if there is no trace stamp, it is not possible to conquer the border.

Speak with Youth, Mr. Le Muon – deputy director of Quang Nam Department of Agriculture and Rural Development – said he went to check and read director.It is known that traders here buy watermarks to buy stamps of 1 million VND / 2 reels to put farmers in watermelons.

The department discussed with Quang Nam Police officer and the brand management, monitoring the control, until the end of this melon fruit should have appropriate treatment.

Due to the first research, the translation of this stamp is very little data, including the watermelon made in Vietnam, as well as traceability stamp.

"This is wrong, in contrast to state rules: The original traceability stamp must be spiked by the product itself, but this is an unidentified stamp, local watermelon," Muon said.

According to Mr Muon, this is beneficial for cultural heroes, but in the long run it is not effective.

"There is a concern about making our products from our country into them, our products have no brand" – said Muoi.

According to him, the department of Phu Ninh government has asked government to advise people to make safe, patchy.

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