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Police sector "rap test" drug traffic causes car crashes on buses to an 8-person crash

Tuesday 22 January 2019 21:41 hour (GMT + 7)

The Regional Policy Department in Coordination with the Criminal Engineering Institute of the Ministry of Public Security has a complete control of trucks and passengers, which are aimed at controlling the alcohol content and "quick test" of drug drinkers .

On January 22, the Department of Traffic and Police declared that the department had realized a total control platform for cyclists and passengers of more than 8 seats, companies operating on highways and national highways 1 from Langson to Ho Chi Minh City. Minh. The inspection phase is divided into two phases: Phase 1 from January 21 to January 30 and Phase 2 from February 11 to February 20.

In control, high-risk injuries cause these to lead to traffic emergencies that are aimed at control of traffic politics, especially drug loss and alcohol content.

Traffic Plow sector

Traffic print companies, contingent lockers, passengers on 8 sector transport companies

At the end of January 21, the & # 39; Task Force began; A regional policy to realize the complete control of Phap Van – Cau Gie 's way.

In conjunction with the Traffic Muscle, there are officials of the Drug Inspection Center, the Criminal Technique Institute, specialized in "drug testing" rap tests.

The location, selected by police communication to control, is the exit behind the milking parlor at Km 188 + 300 by Thanh Tri district, the gateway to the capital.

"This is a large enough point to set up the control, after the bikes have been set by the mum, it has succeeded in ensuring that checking is secure.

Moreover, this is the time when transportation is moved to a city, so traffic is high, often with trailers, long-distance container slots, "said leader of Tran Minh Thu's troops. , deputy head of the department, said road traffic (police department).

Within 1 hour of control (from 20-21 hours on January 21), the wrong police officer stopped control of counters checking the longer distance. Trails are required to measure alcohol memory and drug problems. Many authorities, along with the way of traffic police, seem to vote to be a measure of security on the road.

"If the traffic police are strong, we support, let no discrimination public opinion with truck-truckers," public cycling "longer distance, give us a view of all drug use, is a god," said Nguyen. Thanh Tuan, driver of number placement in Quang Nam province.

Improper police work

Force Criminal Engineering to Check Problems Quickly

Approximately 22 hours on January 21, the Regional Policy Department Task Force was the number of contingent cars 60C-204.61 and followed by the director T (SN 1974, in Duc Trong, Lam Dong Province).

After presenting the document, the working group asked the administrator T to check the alcohol memory, but the cyclist did not notice alcohol concentration. However, if the police needs a drug test, the T-route results are positive for the medicine.

At the checkpoint, the driver has T signal, container truck with dragon fruit from Long An to Lao Cai. When asked about positive results for drugs, the previous declaration was used, but it had long been gone.

Bad political workgroup has made a record of temporary detention of bicycles and sailed drug test results for driver T, sent to Drug Inspection Center to analyze for proper T-driver results Some types of drugs.

Colonel Nguyen Xuan Truong, director of the Drug Inspection Center, said he was trying drug drivers by sweating, muscle, urine, blood. In the inspection, the criminal technical force used the drug detection test and also the narcotic metabolite product in & # 39; a urine probe.

"If the test is fast for a positive administrator, the team will draw immediately, signed by the administrator and the participants. Then a problem was analyzed on one's device to give a proper conclusion to the drug. And a problem dealt for a period of 20 days to prevent a complaint from including a re-review panel of "reorganization", Colonel Nguyen Xuan Truong said.

Earlier, at 1:55 pm on January 21, Luong Van Tam checked the sea weapons to check the IC 29C-719.53 on National Highway 5 to Hanoi – Hai Phong, reaching 76 + 410, national city 5, colonial In Kim Luong's communication, the car was in & # 39; a group of people went into a primitive lane. The accident caused 8 dead; 7 others were injured.

Through inspection, the authorities discovered, Very positive for drugs. In the first instance, Tam became available to use medication, and the cause of the accident was because he had fallen asleep, being able to control the driver.


Ha Tinh police discovered a driver of a car's drug company, while more than 30 passengers.

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