Monday , June 21 2021

Pilot training spends billions, turning failures into "white pigs" when you "get the experience!"

Duong Minh Tuan National Assembly pilot pilot, presentation of educational experiment

Duong Minh Tuan National Assembly pilot pilot, presentation of educational experiment

At the beginning of the discussion session, Duong Minh Tuan (Ba Ria Vung Tau) delegate created an analysis called "Experiment" in one word and finally analyzed many points for this experiment as an experiment. Meet the requirements and have students make white mice.

He quoted the VNEN pilot program for billions of years, saying that billions of dollars were pretty much done and saying it was not appropriate, but the ministry said, "This is a serious work.

"Where did the students banish the failed pilots? The ministry should make it clear that the pilots have to pay for them, and students should be clear about the white mice, as Congress and voters know."

The delegation said there was a disadvantage that the pilot did not have to pass the National Assembly or Standing Committee. In fact, the revised Education Ombudsman also says that there must be a verifier or approving authority before implementing the training demonstration program.

The Draft Act, which received the comments, stated this in the commentary, According to Tuan, do not look at the market and read carefully. Specifically, he said, "The government should submit to the Standing Committee of the National Assembly to consider the pilot's success before applying public policy to education." According to the delegates, writing such a bill would mean that the pilot implementation is not reported only when there is a pilot result that applies to the new bulk report.

Education machines did not change with the acceleration of society.

Delegate Pham Trong Nhan (Binh Duong) says that "it is not difficult to meet many different slogans in all schools," "Kindergarten is at home, teacher is mother" and high school records "Study, learn, learn forever." However, there are no slogans in the education department regulations of the Ministry of Education in Vietnam with dozens of slogans.

Singapore's delegation has a simple philosophy of "learning by country". In the Netherlands, this philosophy is summarized as "learning for the future." In Japan, there is a slogan, "Each person improves morality." The delegates noted that the revised educational law SOI had never seen anything that could be summarized in the Vietnamese educational philosophy.

"As many issues of education face opposition, the goals of the program are not so different, just as it was 20 years ago, when the current situation demands the operation and innovation of an educational philosophy. As Pham Vu Education Minister said, there is no change in education and basic education for 50 to 60 years, the generations after the previous generation taught them. "- General Han Gang said.

The fact that many of the graduates still can not write proper administrative duties has been raised over the past two decades, but the employer is long coal because of retraining. At the school level, I do not enjoy going to school, which is the desire of all students. Until now, the average grade point average of English language school students has not overcome five points …

The delegate said, "Education is not enough because not only philosophy but also sailing lighthouses are lacking. Congress has decided to fundamentally change this education, and society has also waited long enough to anticipate a good educational philosophy, And the state ".

About the philosophy of education, Kao Dinh Thuong (Taichuan) analysis, quality education is very slow innovation, educational words are still not high educational thinking, teaching academic knowledge it neglects teaching-learning skills, learning ethics, apprenticeship. So many children are afraid of going to school and can learn. It also leads to the mistakes of many parents, children become human, good, and so good …

Therefore, the test becomes too much pressure and is misunderstood. It is not clearly defined that you work for school to learn the purpose of becoming a human being and to take the test to do nothing.

The delegate idea should not organize a national high school today. Testing and evaluation of high school graduates should be done by the local self-organization. There are only national tests that select university students and universities. Scientifically, each person is not negative and may not be negative.


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