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Phillip Nguyen – how does the billionaire’s young master pamper his girlfriend?



Linh Rin – Phillip Nguyen’s girlfriend has just told the act of her “playing big” so she could have an unforgettable memory last fall in Hanoi.

Hanoi is in the fall weather, the most beautiful season of the year. The image of autumn has introduced so many poems, music and paintings, becoming a “specialty” of Hanoi that anyone who travels far away will always remember.

Living in Ho Chi Minh City, the hot girl Linh Rin also misses the fall of Hanoi. Recently, she first revealed the act of her friend “playing big”, so that she had an unforgettable memory last year in the fall of Hanoi.

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Phillip Nguyen and his girlfriend Linh Rin.

Linh Rin said, a year ago, Phillip Nguyen suddenly gave herself the responsibility of organizing a program for a company brand. She was confused and did not know where to start.

“Oh my god, it’s definitely a challenge for me, see if I’m skilled, or else I will ‘fail’ and fall in love”, that is the thought that appeared in Linh Rin’s mind at that moment.

Linh Rin said, she decided to organize for everyone to go out, visit, shop and then get on the bus to watch the fall weather, listen to music, take to the streets to see Hanoi, then enjoying the wind. West Lake area.

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As it turned out, it was party that Phillip Nguyen Linh Rin asked to organize also the gift he gave her.

When the party was over, she thought she should have gone to the old town to make a big noise to let everyone know. At this point, she began to get scared.

“Whoever expected, the boss in Ho Chi Minh City was noisy and bustling, turned around and said, ‘Thank you, I like it.’ “When I asked that, I just wanted you to have an excuse to spend time inviting friends. Just once, next time, I can no longer play! I’ll do it right,” Linh Rin revealed unexpectedly. about her friend.

“That last fall was Linh’s most beautiful fall,” the hot girl exclaimed.

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Phillip Nguyen and Linh Rin were complimented for a wonderful couple.

The share of Linh Rin made many people admire the romance and love of Phillip Nguyen’s girlfriend. This is not the first time the young master has publicly expressed interest in his girlfriend.

On his personal page, he publicly posted sweet photos with Linh Rin. Flowers, expensive watches, etc. The gifts that Phillip Nguyen gave to Linh Rin were all hand-picked by him. Even the young master went to the kitchen to prepare food for his girlfriend.

Linh Rin once revealed to PV Folk, her friend is the one who inspires her to always be aware of protecting herself and the community: “I am a person who cares deeply about the health of my loved ones. I always update information and data about the epidemic.regularly and notify everyone in the family.

When Tien (Tien Nguyen – Phillip Nguyen’s sister) was still in the UK, he was the one who called his parents and told them all the information, figuring out how best to isolate Tien as soon as possible. even still alive. is unknown.

Linh Rin also changed in a positive direction from the day she fell in love with Phillip Nguyen. Recently, she often shows off her talent in the kitchen and learns to bake.

It seems that this is quite similar between Linh Rin and the pearl Ha Tang. When she returned as the bride of a noble family, Ha Tang also surprised many people by her ability to be a housewife.

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Linh Rin made the cake herself.

Linh Rin is a very hot girl Ha for a while, participates in the Miss Teen contest. She also made a mark at The Look, a student of Pham Huong.

In 2020, a fashion photo of the Covid-19 season suddenly appeared on the hot account of hot girl Linh Rin (Ngo Phuong Linh) at the top of the Daily Mail (UK) photo series.

The famous newspaper praised that, with just a few dressing tips, the “fashionista” girl of the mask made a detail that went well with the overall outfit.

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