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Philippines succeed "ponds" SEA games 2019: Staggered with extreme

Saturday 01/12/2018 00:15 (GMT + 7)

(Sports News, SEA Games News) SEA Games 2019 to Philippines will have a record number of games.

An underwater hockey video is played on SEA Games 2019

Hosts SEA Games 2019 – Philippines set a record number of exams

Philippine media messages on Wednesday that the country has held its Southeast Asian Games with the highest number of matches ever. "This is the definitive decision of the 11 member states, 56 sports are approved and we agree on the 529 content," said Abraham Tolentino, director of the SEA Games Organizing Committees (PHISGOC).

Philippines slipped the village & # 34; Sea Games 2019: Officially with Extreme Sports - 1

It is expected that there are 56 matches on SEA Games 2019

Chris Chan, general secretary of Singapore National Olympic Council, praised the generosity of # 39; the Philippines. "The host was very great, they accepted all the games we had promoted, including the non-power they never won, we are very grateful, that is 51 or 56, so this will be the SEA- Play a record for the number of exams. "

Previous report for Indonesia was 2011, with 44 subjects, while the last SEA games in this country have only 38 subjects. On the SEA games of 2018, the Philippine footbridge was sixth overall. Before that, the Philippines won the first team to win 112 gold medals, 85 silver medals and 93 bronze medals.

The number of leagues will be after 51, while 5 kurash, e-sports, windsurfing, skateboarding and jujitsu are waiting for the association to be offered and offered to the organizers of the SEA Games 2019 for December 7. . The series 2019 SEA plays in Clark and the capital of Manila, from November 30th to December 10th. There will be at least 8,750 athletes.

Specific sport on SEA Games 2019

There are 12 special courses available at Sea Games 2019: Arnis, electric sports, tennis, jujitsu, kickboxing, kurash, baseball, netball, cycling, sailing, hockey under water, water guide.

Philippines slipped the village & # 34; Sea Games 2019: Extremists with extreme - 2

Unhealthy underground hockey for the first time in SEA games

If you set up a list, the host country will have a lot of advantages. With Vietnam sports we also benefit from the organizers' role in competition, and we can also play well electronic games and kickboxes.

Of special sports on the hockey under underwater is probably the most special. Hockey is played on grass and ice and is now under water.

It was invented by British teeth living in Hong Kong from 50 years of # the previous century. In addition to the equipment, such as gloves, protective gear, shoe, and a snorkel, ear plug. They will have to play together under a 25 meter pool, play in a heaviest environment.

So beautiful is the 17-year-old athlete of Thailand in social networking of # 39; e Crazy in China.

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