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One month after marriage, three months after pregnancy


Monday, December 12, 2012 10:10 AM (GMT + 7)

The actress gave birth to a second child three months ago, but the third was pregnant.

Rabbi announced his pregnancy three months after giving birth to his second baby for three months. Thanh Dat was very worried because she gave birth twice. Also, the baby was born three months, but the next two months were pregnant. Hai Bing "There are so many dangerous reasons to leave, but regardless of what someone has said, I will not give up."

Married for 1 year or more, 3 times a month

Bingbing, Thanh Dat by Baby Kem

As a former White Cloud member, she went to see a doctor as scheduled. "Born carp, I was born in the womb … Immediately after 3 months, the appointment doctor, I have to confirm the incision and report. I go back to the hospital for 16 months …

The ultrasound doctor said she was pregnant for 8 weeks. Everything in my eyes was dark. Listen to the fetus, I am empty. I do not know what to do. I do not understand what's going on, but the first question I ask of a doctor is whether I can stay pregnant. Also, the doctor told me not to be in the place where you are because I heard a cautionary warning to continue. The incision did not cure her very high risk. – Hai Băng wrote.

The singer has been consulted by the doctor and has received much advice as to whether the pregnancy is very dangerous. According to the doctor, the newborn is 3 months old, but because it was sentenced to two months, it is called "theft baby". Your doctor will face immediate risk as the third caesarean section will face the risk of a cervical rupture.

This is the most dangerous risk in this third because there is scarring in the cervix once bites before two births. Rupture and rupture lead to uterine rupture, which directly threatens maternal and fetal life.

Married for 1 year or more, 3 times a month

If a pregnant woman is pregnant, Thanh Dat's husband and wife photo

Guilt comes to the young mother. Nonetheless, he commissioned a physician to a surgical abortion clinic. She repeatedly asked the doctor if she continued to get pregnant and was at high risk. "I have heard that the doctor advises about the pregnancy and that the elderly incision … has to be reopened several times and can lead to the risk of bleeding and hysterectomy.I agree, the bandage is numb, Thanh Dat does not know how to advise his wife and only respects and supports Hingbing's decision.

Finally, Bingbing decided to come home to the doctor and think about it. She decided to keep the bean sprouts on her body.

Share Bingbing: "I will try as hard as possible, knowing that it will not be easy for me to meet my mother, but everything else is heaven apart from a strong smile. My spouse will say I am crazy or crazy because I do not know what to think.

But I heartily pray for the joy of two happy families and also for the care of you. But I do not expect her children to accumulate. Because I do not want my child to be complete and happy. But now it seems harder for my spouse. I hope I have enough health to take care of. I want you to be a square. "

Despite knowing the risks that may arise, it is difficult for young mothers to make this decision. Many friends, relatives, fans have been spoken of in the words of the whirling spirit.

Marriage over 1 year, 3 times a month

She had a second child for three months.

Hiep was engaged to Thanh Dat in July 2016. The former White Cloud member was the third rumor suffering from the scandal. Diep Bao Ngoc – Thanh Dat's ex-wife had to make a correction later when he and his wife divorced for one year.

Eight years later the couple was officially married in July 1977. Their second son was born on August 17th. But with the good news I just received, the couple continues to welcome their third child for more than a year to get married.


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