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Mr. Trump is to "earn death" from Huawei?

Sunday 20 January 2019 08:21 (GMT + 7)

President Donald Trump's administration has set out to control strings of state-of-the-art telecommunications companies operating in US functions through security policy. – Bloomberg message on January 19.

The judgment, which has not yet been presented to President Trump, will not mention companies such as Huawei or ZTE, nor the company that does not sell businesses in US states. However, it will give larger authorities to the US Department of Commerce to account for the sales and sales activities of companies related to rival countries such as Sina, Bloomberg.

Huawei strives for a global leader in 5G network technology. Nevertheless, many American officials who are deserving of Huawei products can be used by Beijing to gather information from businesses and western governments. And yet, both Huawei and ZTE are killed because of the US sanctions against Iran. Huawei administrators sought to prevent the group from being mastered by the Chinese government and were not involved in espionage.

Mr. Trump produced

A bend showing Huawei products at CES 2019's exhibition took place in Las Vegas City, Nevada State – USA, at 9-1. Photo: Reuters

In recent times, many reports have been confirmed that President Trump's government has to postpone a ruling on Chinese television companies from & # 39; to burn a trade in America

According to China, expert James Mulvenon, SOS International of Reston Company in Virgnia – USA, sees US companies waiting for President Trump's administration to judge in the next few weeks. This arrangement could seriously damage Huawei, and it may even make it impossible to operate in any United States.

"At the highest level, they will condemn Huawei's death if they have been threatened with the ZTE … At the lowest level, they will burn Huawei from a trade in America's" – says Mr. Mulvenon.

Does Sina

Xu Yumiao expert says China should study in Europe and Japan to have a direct dialogue with US President Donald.

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