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Local leaders have again set out to explore deadly gasoline

Monday, 10/12/2013 13:00 (GMT + 7)

Local authorities have unexpectedly responded to the removal of gasoline in a fire in a residential area in Saigon, causing two losses.

Local leaders replied to the point of fatalized gasoline extra - 1

The installation there was the fire that killed two people

In & # 39; The fire was caused by the execution of 2 full squadrons, on December 10, police in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City reported that the victim Le Van Photo died (65, living in District 9). died at 4am the same day at Cho Ray hospital; Le Thanh Mau (aged 48, living in District 2) is in critical condition.

Photo and hear Mau are the victims of the fire when it comes to a office on the Hoang Huu Namstrjitte (Long Thanh My Ward, District 9).

Earlier, on Monday, December 9, the group would be a gasoline in an unexplored training on # 39; The Hoang Huu Namstrjitte also exploded, again broke the fire. Only in a flash of fire brought soon the basal flour. The master's photo and Mr. Mau did not fire the fire on the heavy fire. In the early morning hours Photo.

District 9 police has done fieldwork to serve the research. In the fire, the basis of the fire without sign, outside the iron and iron gate, there are many barrel.

Local people, recently the house, at the same time this provision contains gasoline, every day there are many cars to turn off. Residents are concerned about the danger that the owner of the provision in conversation business companies in & nbsp; The middle of the room is killed and killed by the company.

Le Thi Kim Lien, chairman of the People's Committee of Long Thanh My Ward, said that the surgery is located. However, the business of this company is at any given field, she said Lien again.

The basis for expressing gas in Saigon fire, 2 people broke up

The fire broke out everyday as the group of people carried a gasoline at an airport in Saigon, causing two people to burn.

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