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Liverpool lost the match, MC Lai Van Sam told the return leg-showbiz life

Thursday, 29/11/2018 11:10 (GMT + 7)

In # 39 with Tu Long and Xuan Bac, this time in & # 39; a month of month, MC Lai Van Sam will be financially independent.

Director Hai Hai has recently made a curious photo about his father. They are journalists, MC Lai Van Sam.

Director Director Lai Bac Hai Dang – son MC Lai Van Sam poststage for the program "12 children"

Short clip again MC Lai Van Sam singing cheers with artist Tu Long to make for the 12th program. On the other hand there are artists Xuan Bac. This is the annual Lunar New Year broadcast. Tu Long and Xuan Bac in the role of two to visit the prominent faces in a year. Journalist Lai Van Sam often has the main MC of show.

This time the former MC will say a million. Some information that journalist Lai Van Sam takes a new role in the 12th program this year.

Liverpool lost the match, MC Lai Van Sam told the receding leg - 1

MC Lai Van Sam responded cheek together with Tu Long

With a warm show, Cheo's singer Lai Van Sam got many compliments. MC Diem Quynh commented: "Sâm sings it, or so." Kha khe is very suitable for him. " Sitting next to MC Lai Van Sam is the chef of Tu Long that is very exuberant to practice. He said happily: "Time is just a little thing with the farmer."

After the end of Vietnam Television, the journalist and MC Lai Van Sam stayed with a few programs. The sun-drenched baby… in # Presentation Men of war, male MC and improvisation singing victory of the audience.

Liverpool lost the match, MC Lai Van Sam told the second leg - 2

MC Lai Van Sam on the road to Saigon to work

Besides busy MC Lai Van Sam is still "fiery" football. On November 28, (in hours of 'hours' of late) Liverpool lost on the field to get rid of Colonel Lai Van Sam does not regret. On his personal side wrote the national MC to Liverpool lost PSG 1-2:

"We have to work in Saigon, not to see at home, to suffer, the earlier day," said the message. "After Klopp and the book, after the trip to Napoli," who should be smart enough twice to create doubts … ", and" concern "that we have been twice enough twice, there are too many ears tam ", last week is enough trio and Klopp 500 brothers Liverpool!

Napoli, just 2-0, is back to normal! "Liverpool's loyal fans will not forget to announce an English sentence:" You will never go alone !!! We always keep you, Liverpool !!! "

With the football in Vietnam MC Lai Van Sam is always his best support. He had several messages to coach Myanmar to Vietnam in the semi-finals, which caused the fans to deal very harshly.

VN semi final: MC Lai Van Thanh sent message to Myanmar coach

The joy full of Vietnamese when the Vietnamese team won Cambodia.

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