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Lawyer of 3 members of the navy


Friday, 23/11/2015 20:49 PM (GMT + 7)

On November 23, the Criminal Investigation Office of the Ministry of Defense completed the criminal trial with three members of the Navy.

According to the Military News Agency – Defense Minister, November 23rd, the Defense Ministry's Office of the Ministry of Defense has resolutely endorsed the decisions and orders for detention: Colonel Tran Trong Tuan – Deputy Director Hai Thanh company / navy. From Thi Hoan – former director of Yen Khanh Co., Ltd., director of Yen Khanh – Hai Thanh JSC.

In particular, the accused Colonel Bui Van Nga – former director of Hai Thanh Company / Naval Forces, suffered from colon cancer that has undergone surgery, under active treatment, the Criminal Investigation Agency has the prohibition on leaving the place of residence .

The Defense Ministry's Office of the Ministry of Defense has found a search of the place of residence, work places, stored documents, verified the bank account, the property of 'research and research' objects.

The Steering Committee of the Central Military Commission, the head of the Ministry of Defense requires judicial bodies to conquer the investigation, the breaks and responsibilities of the # to explain the involved organizations and individuals, Honest, precisely, temporarily, lawfully, no "burned area", no exceptions.

Earlier, on November 22, the Proposal of the Steering Committee of the Central Steering Committee on Anti-Corruption and Stimulating Commission of the Central Military Commission, the Criminal Investigation Agency of the Ministry of Defense received the following decisions:

Decision on the Criminal Court's case. 04 / QD-KTV on "Regulation of Land Regulations" pursuant to Article 229 of # 39; the Penal Code in 2015; The decision to punish the act 09 / QĐ-KTBC; Exit no. 07 / L-CDDB, no. 08 / L-KX search results for the accused Bui Van Nga;

Decision on preaching of the accused number 11 / QĐ-KTBC, confirm arrestations for population groups 06 / LBBC-WWI, arrest 06 / L-TG reduction 04 months and managing workplace search No 09, 10, 11 / L- KX for Tran Trong Tuan;

Decision on preaching of accused number 12 / QD-KTBC, arranging for temporary detention arrest 07 / LBBC-WWI, 07 / L-TG temporary detention order, Number 12, 13 / L-KX for the accused Vu Thi Hoan.

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