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Juve – Ronaldo wins Barca – Messi and Man City – 24-hour football

Monday, April 15, 2019 10:17 (GMT + 7)

Juventus is fast paced with expensive rookie Cristiano Ronaldo. However, Barcelona is still sublime with Lionel Messi. Man City still has the hope of winning fourth round, which teams will be the best club in the 2018/19 season?

Highlights from & # 39; a match against Barcelona in & # 39; a first foot of this season's final championship:

In this fourth Champions League fourth final, except for Liverpool who won their opponents under Porto and won 2-0 in the first leg at Anfield, other "big boys" won because of two titles in this season as Barcelona, ​​Juventus or Man City are still present.

During this Man City, the biggest team to raise the spirit when Pep Guardiola is even "greedy", that he and his students can become "eat 4" this season. The fact that the Etiad stage team won the English League Cup and probably wins Watford to win the FA Cup.

But the two biggest goals & # 39; The Citizens & # 39; are the most hopeful of paying attention to many problems. In the Champions League, the 0-1 defeat at the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium will hit & # 39; a stay home. Etihad will be on April 18 with Pep Guardiola's teachers.

Europe's best club: Juve - Ronaldo wins Barca - Messi and Man City? - 1


Europe's best club: Juve - Ronaldo wins Barca - Messi and Man City? - 1

Aguero missed a penalty and Man City lost Tottenham 0-1 in & # 39; a fourth final of & # 39; a Champions League

Shortly after just two days, the two teams on this field will have to round 35 of & # 39; a Premier League before Man City was a Manchester United guest in the 31st tournament of April 25.

If you are not careful, City can be let out of Liverpool's Premier League by Tottenham's Champions League. In that time April will be a painting with teachers and teachers Pep Guardiola.

In addition to Blue Man, Juventus and Barcelona, ​​great ambitions have also been included in this season's sprint.

Cristiano Ronaldo contributed 19 goals for Juve this year in & Serie A and helped & # 39; The Old Lady of Turin & # 39; about the gain of & # 39; a scudetto for the 8th time on & # 39; s row. The 34-year-old portrait of superstar is just back from injuries, but immediately appears with a header to make the score in "Bianconeri" 1-1 at Ajax Amsterdam to benefit the team. Italian football before removing 17 Dutch opponents at the Allianz home ground.

However, Ronaldo and Juve & # 39; s trip to Serie A will be read this season as they are at & # 39; e Italia & # 39; s No 1 Lig is then & # 39; the second picks up Napoli at 20 points after 31 rounds.

At & # 39; a trip to the quarter finals of & # 39; a Champions League this season, "Turin Old Lady" loses to three matches against MU and Young Boys in the group community and against Atletico Madrid in & # 39; a first round of the first round. At the moment Ajax in the past Johan Cruyff, without the goal keeper of Wojciech Szczesny, and Cristiano Ronaldo's light header, Juve could fail.

Europe's best club: Juve - Ronaldo wins Barca - Messi and Man City? - 3

Ronaldo scored Juventus a 1-1 draw at Ajax Amsterdam

In comparison to Man City and Juventus, Barcelona Perhaps the best team is currently in European football in the 2018/19 season.

Only a few days after losing Atletico Madrid 2-0 to conquer the hole with this opponent in the Champions League of La Liga to 11 points, then the tournament was only 7 runs, " Catalunya giant "just win Manchester United's 1-0 at the Champions League fourth final.

In & # 39; a team Barca At the moment Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez are still playing fast and effective.

In La Liga only, Messi brings the league list "Skoarer" (Pichichi) and "European Golden Shoe" with 33 goals, while Suarez also has 20 goals in this arena.

Barca holds more than 90% of the work to successfully defend these series. At the King's Cup final, they had to hit Valencia on May 25. In the Champions League, the advantage of Old Trafford as it is reinforced or established in the Nou Camp, Barca will pull out the MU to go the semi-final. A three-six prospect is in the range of Messi and his teammate.

Europe's best club: Juve - Ronaldo wins Barca - Messi and Man City? - 4

Messi misuses the defense of MU

That's what they did twice in the past in the 2010/11 and 2014/15 season. This Barca would like to complete the ambition to dominate the people and Europe as the & # 39; flag is a hand & # 39; is?

For Ajax, Ronaldo was back in time to save Juventus.

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