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How is the road handled by a car in the opposite direction? – Equestrian defense # 4


This situation is growing more and more by drivers who are unaware of awareness, despite rules. If you are in a position to encounter car & # 39; s in the opposite direction, & # 39; invading the road, you must choose a defensive drive solution.

You may have recently seen the clips from the cruise camera to the scene of cars that were "over" to the opposite path, despite rules and dangers of speeding up.

You can refer to situations where & # 39; t you are always wrong or a clash on & # 39;

Auto's over the road, incursion is getting more and more

The most famous and the last buzz is probably the cut that is the scene of a truck in Binh Duong, but not capable of coming to the straight track and turning to a challenging attitude show by striking directly 2 cars & # 39; s entering the confrontation position.

Please view the clip (source: Thien Hao)

After the clip was placed on facebook, it made a terrible spread on & # 39; groups over car & # 39; s. Most people condemn the dangerous driving action of a pickup driver.

Clip recording situation of picking up pickup truck in Binh Duong and heavy criticism on dangerous action

This situation is not new and I see that it is getting more and more, but what you need here is how to deal with this situation?

I took the above cut to analyze the situation for you. There are 2 processing directions in this case.

Method 1: Remarkably, the car turned the cliff to see that the pickup truck ran and ran at high speed (round in red).

With a defensive drive solution, you now need to analyze it immediately and make a prediction of the opposite point based on the speed of 2 cars (yellow squares) and predict which scenario can occur.

Here's the item to be viewed from the female rider to the right (yellow). Now you have to do it and look to the right of the glass to see if only cars are up.

When two cars reached each other, the female driver on the right found that the dangerous situation proactively reduced the speed and to the right of & # 39; stood a road.

Run from hazard to street & how to handle it - Ride defense no. 1

Small roads, full of cars' intricate traffic makes driving in one city and forcing the rider to focus on riding high defense works. Dangerous situations and how to handle them help you drive safer.

Now is an important time to make a decision, the defensive driving plan that you encourage you to do is reduce speed. (remove the accelerator pedal, check the brake pedal) See the rear glass to see if it is safe and turn to the right side to remove the hazardous running pickup truck (the direction of a green arrow).

Method 2: What if the right side of the car with the rock is unable to escape?

You need to drive steadily and drive light to the right so that the reverse pickup truck understands "invite me to your job for me " like the clip below.

If hauling a car into a car is that much larger than your brother's car, then option 1 is the first priority, to have your grandfather's mind. "Elephant preference is not bad" like the following clip:

You should understand that Drive to the road, go safe from point A to point B so we always have to choose the safest solution to treat. True to the defensive driving spirit.

Situations where & # 39; you are ALWAYS as a collision at & # 39; the road is preventing

Knowing to be more careful is not a problem due to lack of understanding.

But brothers will be the ones you think it is necessary to learn the driver's intuition, engaging in a lesson like the following one:

That's good, but do you have enough time? When they were too full and if they were aware they would not run like that, and they weren't sure they were aware of the problem.

That is not to mention the case of aggression, fighting as murder from traffic clashes that people often know.

The best way to deal with this problem is to prevent confrontation, then to extract the clip from a camera, then charge the car groups to condemn and remind everyone to run more safely. Traffic can also be from these clips to handle the penalty of breaking a car.

Want to drive safely!

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