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Hoai Linh & # 39; s parents visited the 100 billion church, the fans discovered

Wednesday January 23, 2019 00:05 (GMT + 7)

Hoai Linh family visited the theater group, keeper Van Lam shook the song "Like the rumor" … many readers interested 24 hours ago.

Lung The reaction of Thanh's wife then "her husband" had a true love "with a young girl

24h HOT: Hoai Linh's parents visited the church of & # 39; a 100 million group, the fans discovered the unexpected - 1

On January 21, Luong The Thanh drew a lot of attention to being there at & # 39; a Tet comedy – "Well, he played He". In conjunction with the actor in this project is Dam Phuong Linh.

During the media meeting, Luong The Thanh constantly gave you the praise of her delicate, beautiful view and active skill.

The actor, born in 1982, said it was the first time he worked with Dam Phuong Linh, both of them had a good relationship.

When asked about his wife's question, he saw Luong The Thanh, a lot of close-ups with a young and beautiful girl like Dam Phuong Linh, what was the actor? Invite readers to see more LORD!

Huong Tram wrote Thuh Minh & # 39; s hand letter after 6 years "from the face" and ended the unexpected

When the first Bicycle Vocal Place was received, there was a rumor about Thu Minh teacher and lecturer – Huong Tram "the rice is not good, the soup is not sick."

In September 2017, Huong Tram did not call for direct resignation to Thu Minh, so she could open her voice through a message. The singer, born in 1995, thinks it is impossible to make people come back to love than if there was nothing. The only thing they could do was recognize them.

24h HOT: Hoai Linh's parents visit the 100 billion church, the fans discover the unexpected - 2

On & # 39; one end of & # 39; a message, Huong Tram visited the Thu Minh manual and was answered by the teacher.

To live first "Mailbox number 1", Huong Tram has said that the show was not entirely out of the way Minmh found in any guests. Yet before the performance, Thu Minh was a relative of Huong Tram and wanted the concert to be successful.

Read in & # 39; readers to visit more about Huong Tram & # 39; s share handwriting below.

Mr. Dam calls a mood for Quang Hai on the Asia Cup, the Bikini stars respond simultaneously

Dam Vinh Hung just launched a line calling it artists, colleague's & colleague's & # 39; s to vote "Vietnam Golden Ball"– Quang Hai in & # 39; s group path Asian Cup this year.

24h HOT: Hoai Linh's parents visited the church of the 100 billion group, the fans discovered the surprise - 3

"King of Vietnamese Music" is one of & # 39; s most passionate football fronts

Mr. Dam puts many artist names in his post: "Support from my brother Quang home! The stars of Vietnam! The characters who have a lot of fans can do most practical action … The generations of students and fans of I want to play again . "

Read in & # 39; readers to see more artists that & # 39; a lord. Talk HERE.

Hoai Linh's parents visited the church of the 100 billion group, the fans discovered the surprise

The singer Duong Trieu Vu brother of origin Hoai Linh shared his personal photo with his parents and girls in the entire church in Ho Chi Minh City. Male singer wrote: "Today is today at the church with parents of some parents, today is over, parents, two sisters, three sisters, brother …".

24h HOT: Hoai Linh & # 39; s parents visit the 100 billion church, the fans discover the unexpected - 4

Under the post of Duong Trieu Vu, a large number of friends and spectators have left a blessing for the health of the birth of two famous artists. Together, because of their victory, some of Hoai Linh's parents represented very young and healthy, despite over 80 years of age.

Read more readers to see more governments than Hoai Linh & # 39; an parents try the theater group HERE.

Netizens' sense of clips by Dang Van Lam dances "Like Romanians" by Bao Anh

After Vietnam's recruitment to become the only Southeast Asian team in the United States Cup of Fourth Final, the goalkeeper Dang Van Lam is the name that is usually called "by virtue of nineteen penalties" of Jordan and Great Contribution to Getting Help Team.

Not only talented, hardcore on the field, he also "made a lot of female fans" because of the beautiful, masculine action and the trend of youth.

24h HOT: Hoai Linh's parents visit the 100 billion church, the fans discover the unexpected - 6

Besides his passion for football, he has a special interest in music.

Last week, Dang Van Lam has surprised many people by offering interesting clips, swinging and dancing at a railroad track "As raptors" singer Bao Anh.

Read in & # 39; readers & # 39; to see the interesting clip of goalkeeper Dang Van Lam.

24h HOT: The Tuan Hung discovery team replaced a 25 billion VND convertible car for his wife

Male singer who's Lamborghini supercar costs 25 billion, with his wife going to "storm" and leading the group to party extensively …

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