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Ho Chi Minh City people do not classify murders up to 20 million prisoners


On November 14, the People's Assembly of Ho Chi Minh City ruled 44 on the classification of permanent waste on the source in # 39; the city.

This decision goes on 24-11.

After a reminder three times per week were punished or not categorized

The rule sets families and owners of waste materials to classify daily life-saving waste before they sell to collectors and transporters.

In cases where households and / or homeowners benefit from failures, failing to comply with the regulations, after repetitive attendants (3 times or more per week) organizations and individuals The collectors have the responsibility to communicate the ' population of & # 39; the district, municipality and municipality to handle in accordance with rules.

Currently, according to Article 4, Article 20 of decision number 155/2016 / ND-CP, failure file to establish or save daily life according to rules; No contracts or non-transfer of the daily life of units with the function of collecting, transporting and treating according to regulations will be subject to a feasibility of between 15 and 20 million.

How much is it?

Waste must be classified in 3 groups: Biodegradable organic waste (leaflets, leaves, vegetables, tuberkes, fruits, carcasses); Waste is sold, recycled (paper, plastic, metal, rubber, plastic, glass); waste remaining (except hazardous waste from households and carers).

Saigon people do not classify any morning for up to 20 million VND - Photo 1.
Saigon people do not classify any morning for up to 20 million VND - Photo 2.

Deviating guide to waste by fountain

TP stimulates families Organic waste in a blue cup, white. The remaining waste contains other colors (except white, blue). Label, write to 'garbage beams to distinguish.

For reputable and deserving waste groups (also known as boxes): households and sellers can sell it to clear organizations or individuals or organizations and / or persons gathering the environment of daily life. In the event that the meeting is not for sale or the organization or individual wants to do so, the waste generator or household remains with the remaining possibilities.

TP collects the day

TP organizes separate branch of waste according to the following point: Collection organic waste on monday, 4, 6 and sunday; The remaining waste is on Tuesday, Thursday evening and Thursday.

Families, waste and people who have their bags are even for waste disposal; Signature waste processing after classification; Payment for the collection, transport, treatment and payment services for additional services, if any.

According to the regulations of the Urban Camera of the municipalities, people have the right to verify and report to & nbsp; and local authorities when they discover that permanent holiday collections and transport agencies do not modify the timeframe and frequency prescribed. .

The organizations and individuals who collect the waste are entitled to use waste from households or waste generators if they have been classified or transferred to government services.

Period 2018-2020: Hospitals, donors support stickers for stickers on the lid, body of tanks, the number of stickers / time / family, the source of waste; Frequency twice in year.

After 2020: Households, dismissals are not supported by stickers.

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