Friday , July 30 2021

He killed 29 Vietnamese victims of the traffic

He saved 29 Vietnamese victims of the traffic - Photo 1.

The medium-sized passenger car was surrounded by police autos – Screenshot

British police pursued 4 men for modern shoe handling yesterday (14-4) after the incident was discovered on April 12.

Frank Walling, 72; Jon Ransom, aged 63; Keith Royston Plummer, 62, and Glen Martin Bennett, 55, have been accused of traffic and immigration immigration from the United Kingdom. They were saved and will appear in Truro Magistraten Court on April 15th.

According to the newspaper The Guardian, at 9:00 am, April 12, whereby & # 39; s criminal drawings are found, police midsize a medium passenger and a car in Devon province in & # 39; a southern England fortune. This province borders on the English Channel, on the other hand is French territory.

The authorities had earlier received reports that dozens of people with a police bureau were on board after they visited the British coast on a ship.

"A police vehicle stopped by police at the M5 at J28 Road to find 9am with 29 people from men to women and children.

All are in Vietnamese. Police and interested parties will still provide the people who have been found in a car, "Devon and the Cornwall Police Department ordered the incident in a note.

He saved 29 Vietnamese victims of the traffic - Photo 2.

Another car was also enclosed and depressed by police – Photo: Devon police and Cornwall

National criminal authorities, border guards, immigration enforcement organizations and other relevant authorities have been made public and support the police, according to The Guardian.

A group of researchers focused on Newlyn Harbor, one of England's largest fishermen's sports, which was the man of Manche.

Earlier, according to a local newspaper, a "special center" was set up to keep these people, where the police confirmed they were "being taken care of".

A spokesperson for the Devon Family and Children Association announced that the British government decided how to co-operate with the Vietnamese group.

In the meantime, he also said that Devon and Cornwall agencies support victims as well as temporary accommodation returns if single people are under 18 years of age. The identity and age of the Vietnamese group is not yet known.

A spokesman for the British Red Cross has said that their volunteers support a number of people who do not believe in becoming victims of human trafficking. "We provide them with practical support to a resting center, while the police are investigating."

He saved 29 Vietnamese victims of traffic - Photo 3.

Newlyn Fish Port Police Review – Screenshot

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