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Hari Won conflict with Changjiang on television for what reason?

Monday, 10/12/2015 14:18 PM (GMT + 7)

Where did Hari's voice come and why did she not limit?

Clip Hari Won quit with Chang Jiang with "Bliksem snel"

Hari Won's voice stimulated Truong Giang and many Vietnamese stars to talk

The reason for Hari Won conflict with Changjiang on TV - 1

Hari Won turned to Zhang Chang

Shortly in the episode 35 of "Fast or Lightning", Changjiang MC always asked to change the MC, which Hari Won, MC must feel.

The woman of Nha Phuong has always been more likely to men than the speed of # 39; Tran Thanh's wife speaks for unfamiliar words, many times saying that the wrong players do not understand, can not respond quickly.

Note that in the first episode of "Fast or Lightning" Hari Won was recited by Chang Jiang, he himself said: "After this program, there was no one to download Hari Won to MC for saying."

The reasons Hari Won has caused to deal with Changjiang on TV - 2

Hari Won remains criticized by Chang Jiang at "Super surprise"

The last night of 9.12, in the episode 5 of the Super Surprise program, has just been over, Hari Won has also taken to # 39; The role of the MC is the program with Changjiang. And in this TV show the couple continues to agree on Hari Won's voice.

Present, just from the beginning of # 39; The show, Chang Jiang chiide Hari Won MC on season 2, but the paper should still read, does not begin to understand the rules of the game.

When Hari Won was angry, she was annoyed and injured. "I have the awareness that you laugh." Truong Giang does not ask you to answer: "Keep the paper, what's not tasty about #I do not know that the vinyl should read the paper?"

By the atmosphere, Hari Won quietly and the attention of the audience to another: "Further the program," she said.

Hari's voice and the ability to speak the bilingual are always the topic of discussion that never ends in showbiz. People praise, critics, and some doubts, wonders about the special voice of Korean beauty.

Note that in 2016 in the program "Leap jumped", when the vote was voted, Ly Nha Ky said when he said "You also read Vietnamese as Hari Won."

When Zhen Cheng immediately Hari Won – then his girlfriend – heard that "The problems of Hari foreigners spoke, and the United States speak sound is also strange."

Clip Hari Won speaks Vietnamese language six years ago.

Also in 2016, Hari Won singer Vy Oanh was fake, "infected" star of 'Chan. According to the singer, "Dong Dong", she knew Hari Won, because Dinh Tien Dat took her ex-girlfriend to take part in a contest by musician Nguyen Van Chung and she was the judge.

"And then, your voice is not as high as the current you're talking about, such as a stranger who does not speak fluently," writes Vy Oanh.

So where is the sound of Hari Won coming out and why can not she limit it?

Voice by genetics?

The reason for Hari Won's conflict with Changjiang on TV - 3

Father Hari Won Vietnam and her mother is Korean

For the question about Hari Won's special voice, Do Hoang Vu, long manager of Tran Thanh's wife, said, "If you have a chance to go to Hari Won's house come, you will see that their family speaks Vietnamese as big. "

"Hari Won's father is Vietnamese, but if he's home, he uses Korea most." From small to large, Hari Won's relationship often uses Korean communication. They also have the opportunity to learn Vietnames of their father. "

"Hari Won understands the Vietnamese language well enough, and even their translation skills can be understood," said Hari Won. Much better than many professional translators.

Only the words Hari do not normally or not understand the meaning, so people pull out, they are absolute no less than in Vietnamese.

The reason Hari Won causes conflict with Changjiang on TV - 4

Clip Hari is the translator for Park Hang Seo

Earlier in 2018 Hari Won was chosen as a translator for Park Hang Seo and a member of the U23 training team during the celebration. She received a lot of fun for the fast, standard, scientific interaction.

Voice influenced personality?

The reason for Hari Won's conflict with Changjiang on TV - 6

Hari Won his best friend and best friend on a beautiful marriage

According to many close friends with Hari Won, her husband Zhicheng selects communicate with strangers, but speaks a lot about how to deal with people. In their time in Vietnam, she usually speaks in & # 39; Korea, because most of the day's close friends are Korean.

This is opposite to the thought of many, which claims Hari Won is 10 years in Vietnam, but has not spoken Vietnam.

During his time at Hari Won University, Hari Won learned the pronunciation of the North. But in her life and work she worked most closely with the southern speakers. By the ruling of the two regions, Hari Won spoke so.

The reasons for Hari Won conflict with Changjiang on TV - 7

Hari lived in Vietnam for 10 years, but still speaks, leaving many people wondering

In addition, she is also told that they are influenced by the vote or conversation with a certain person. The time to manage the Do Hoang Vu, the way Hari Won also uses this word. If I have known and loved Tran Thanh, she has a way to talk about her husband more than ever.

The highest arguments, Hari Won's voice, the public has the right to choose and comment, but the attack or unfair beauty is unacceptable.

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