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"Hao Lan is much stronger than Wei Wei."


after Dien Hi public comb, Next Movie by Vu Chinh Haoran story Even though I did not confirm the broadcast yet, I got a lot of attention from the audience. One reason the audience expects this movie is that half of Dian Shi Gong's casting is " The story of Hao. Wu Chinh's new "dog" continues to play the role of women in the Wu Shan language.

At Dien Hi Cong luong, Ngu Can Lac (Ngô Cẩn Nguoi) has enjoyed the audience with new images. In movies, female leads usually have weaknesses, and after experiencing the difficulties of change, they become stronger and begin to take revenge on everyone who hurts them. Wei Anh Lac was not afraid of the ground since she was a brilliant bride who was not afraid of heaven from the start. Few people can touch her at the Forbidden City. The audience is also very dark when the battle is filled with a smart but Wei woman's "speech".

Wu Shan Language:

Ngo Cuc: Bright conversation with Wei Lai Lac

As a blockbuster, Haoran story I stepped over Qin Shi Huang's steps to the kingdom and talked step by step about the stories of war states La Vi Vi and Trieu Co. Vien has played the famous politician La Khe Vi and Ngo Van Chan is the beauty of Hao Lan, the mother of Qin Shi Huang. When asked about a movie in a recent interview Haoran story Wu Chanson says, "Hao Lan is not easy to come in. She feels much stronger than Wei Wei." Many fans and fans made it feel like chalk. Encouragement

Wu Shan Language:

Wu Shan The language picture plays the role of Li Hao Lan.

Trailer Haoran storyLi Hao Lan, a female leader, vowed: "We must accumulate more wealth and power to pay for all humiliating people. As you can see, Li Hao Lan is actually strong and pretty The girl is "pretty".

Wu Shan Language:
Wu Shan Language:

Lý Hạo Lan – Ngô Cẩn Ngôn appears with a "strong" image that decides to take revenge on the trailer Hao Lan Story

Haoran story It will be broadcast on Iqiyi from November 15th.

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